Sunday, August 28, 2011

Racial profiling continues to be a possible issue in San Diego California DUI attorney investigations

Would the police contact someone based on race? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe subconsciously. Perhaps off-the-record.

San Diego County DUI Law Center in California represents all minorities who may have been at least partially, racially-profiled, leading to a drunk driving arrest: Hispanics. Blacks. Asians. Latinos. Others.

Whether supporting legislation seeking to improve the controversial DUI checkpoints in Escondido or defending United States border arrests, DUI attorney Rick Mueller continues to make his presence known in San Diego county California.

Lawyers remind that not all San Diego California DUI police make stops or arrests based on race. But under certain questionable circumstances, the issue cannot be reasonably and fairly overlooked. Some stops are more obvious than others. A few arrests are more subtle. Red flag pop up when it appears the cop lacked reasonable suspicion to stop the San Diego driver.

San Diego DUI lawyer Rick Mueller has set up a free website warning of DUI checkpoint locations in Southern California. This site has been very active this weekend as San Diego's DUI roadblocks have been reported.

San Diego California Drunk Driving criminal defense attorney Rick Mueller's pro-rights fight continues.