Monday, August 29, 2011

What do educated folks do when they get popped for a DUI in California? Hire a Lawyer or raise the white flag?

Do you really want to appear in a California court and at the DMV after a DUI arrest?

Or can you get someone to be your "hired gun?"

Throughout school, you did lots of homework and learned so much. A DUI is the most important time to to reflect on lessons to learn.

What is at stake? Your liberty. Your employment. Your loved ones. Your life.

Where do you go? How to begin? Extremely valuable resources are at your fingertips, in both and

Google Local's regional section for DUI lawyer (e.g. by San Diego) or DUI attorney (e.g. by San Digeo) searches may reveal a number of attorneys who do all kinds of work, who do not really specialize in Drunk Driving & DMV defense cases and who should not be your San Diego DUI attorney when so much is at stake. Location (e.g. 92101) within San Diego county is not the issue.

A general practitioner is obviously not as qualified in defending DUI defense practices, criminal & administrative hearings and important laws & procedures specifically related to drunk driving cases. A genuine DUI "Specialist" is a lawyer qualified per the California DUI Lawyers Association.

Consider a California DUI Specialist for your mouthpiece. Your best teacher would like you to.

DUI Lawyers in San Diego California