Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Avoid Pacific Beach California DUI Checkpoints using Mission Blvd., from San Diego to La Jolla or Sea World

If you are leaving Pacific Beach on a Saturday night and would like to avoid a San Diego California DUI checkpoint, your best two chances are:

1. Go north on Mission Blvd, to La Jolla Blvd. Work your way to the 5 from La Jolla.


2. Go south on Mission Blvd. Continue to West Mission Bay Drive. Take Sea World Drive. Get on the 5 or 8 or continue on Friars.

Why? Because the cops got the other routes locked up. You're probably toast eastbound Grand or Garnet, or southbound Ingraham.

Take Saturday night in America's Finest City, California.

51 drivers were nabbed in Pacific Beach DUI checkpoint traps on Saturday and arrested for San Diego DUI.

2 San Diego DUI checkpoints breakdown:

2600 Ingraham St.
2400 Grand Ave.

870 vehicles at the Ingraham St. San Diego DUI Checkpoint location
34 drivers were evaluated for DUI
19 arrested for San Diego drunk driving

A female driver tried to exercise her right to escape this San Diego DUI checkpoint but SDPD questionably utilized a spike strip before arresting her for DUI. The federal government says folks should not be penalized for trying to avoid a DUI checkpoint but San Diego PD doesn't care.

Grand Ave. San Diego DUID checkpoint:
26 drivers arrested for DUI.

62 vehicles were impounded total, with huge revenue going to the city of San Diego while the drunk driving checkpoints were funded by the state of California, attorneys note.

6 more people got popped for DUI by San Diego Police Department patrol cars throughout the area.

Like shooting fish in a barrel, San Diego criminal defense lawyers ask?

Here's an Attorneys' Free Location website to help avoid the DUI roadblocks in San Diego California.