Friday, September 23, 2011

Can you represent yourself in a California DUI case? What about the Public Defender's Attorneys? Am I even eligible?

California DUI Lawyer Center News Release

September 23, 2011

San Diego DUI attorney Rick Mueller has written an important article about whether or not you can represent yourself in a drunk driving criminal defense case and whether or not you can apply for a county public defender lawyer to represent you.

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Popular published twits & excerpts include:

"problem with a San Diego county public defender attorney is assigned all types of case by the court. This does not allow the public defender to really focus on one area of law and they have to be more versed in all areas. A small percentage of San Diego criminal attorneys are fortunate to only represent individuals charged with DUI. One of the few San Diego DUI Attorney Specialists (per the California DUI Lawyers Association) concentrate only on one particular practice area – DUI / Drunk Driving Defense.

Hopefully you will have the opportunity to gather enough funds to contact a private San Diego criminal defense lawyer that focuses only on representing individuals charged with DUI who are facing possible DMV suspension action."