Wednesday, October 12, 2011

San Diego California Police Chief blames 11 cop misconduct & DUI problem cases on the "Poor Economy"

San Diego Police Department explained to the City Council what steps they are taking to deal with the numerous, recent San Diego Police Department misconduct and DUI cases.

San Diego City Council members maintained that only 11 out of > 1800 cops were involved in the misconduct cases which are like media magnets.

DUI, drunk driving, domestic violence, rape are some of the complaints.

San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne began a seven-step plan to try to prevent future misconduct including wellness screening & ethics training.

Get this. He claims the spate of misconduct is related to the bad economy.

"We've not been through a situation, or circumstance in a long time where we've downsized the police department by such large numbers and reduced the level of supervision," says Lansdowne. "And I've not had so many officers come to me before who are losing their residences, or are going through a divorce, because of the financial problems."