Thursday, October 6, 2011

San Diego Judge shuts down 9 medical marijuana dispensaries

SAN DIEGO DUI criminal defense lawyers know how some prosecuting lawyers overzealously go after weak targets. Picking on folks with medical disorders is the latest local crime.

San Diego City Attorney's Office shut down a dozen marijuana dispensaries a couple weeks after their complaint via a California judge's orders.

San Diego City Attorney's Office will file more complaints Thursday seeking injunctions against additional marijuana dispensaries which may be in violation of federal and local laws.

Within the city limits of San Diego, marijuana dispensaries are not permitted in any zone. Under federal law, the distribution of marijuana for any purpose in considered illegal drug trafficking. Yet there were many.

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy sent letters today to the original 12 marijuana dispensaries that the city sued last week, notifying the operators they are in violation of federal law and demanding they shut down.

"We are pleased that Judge (Ronald) Prager has enforced the law today and ordered these nine illegal marijuana dispensaries to be shut down,'' "We have shut down about 40 illegal marijuana dispensaries in the past 12 months. But we have a lot more work to do.'' "Marijuana advocates and their lawyers have been wrong to assume that
federal and local laws could be ignored and that cities like San Diego could be
strong-armed into looking the other way,'' San Diego City Attorney Goldsmith says. "Our job is to enforce the law and we will do it.'' the expense of sick folks needing the drug, apparently.

9 marijuana dispensaries that were ordered to close:

Herbameds on Federal Boulevard
Trichomes Inc. on Park Boulevard
Healing Arts Cooperative on Park Boulevard
All Green Health Cooperative on Fifth Avenue
West Coast Wellness on El Cajon Boulevard
Absolute Collective Inc. on Fourth Avenue
Green Hope Dispensary on El Cajon Boulevard
MediMart on El Cajon Boulevard
Medical Miracle Collective on Park Boulevard

Use of San Diego marijuana can lead to a DUI - drugs charge, lawyers relate.