Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Comparing San Diego DUI Attorneys with California Drunk Driving Lawyers who send out "Jail Mail"

Why do San Diego Attorneys Mail "DUI" Jail Mail? If looking for a cheap lawyer, you may read Junk Mail. But you likely want the finest San Diego DUI & DMV Defense Lawyer you can reasonably afford.

What's the difference?

Always remember the obvious:

Good lawyers are not cheap.
Cheap lawyers are usually not any good.

How does jail mail work?

You may be feeling a little bad as a result of your San Diego California DUI arrest. It definitely can get more depressing when you open your mail.
Oh, you did not want persons at your home to know you were arrested? Run home.
Why? Because attorneys send "Jail Mail."
Lots of lawyers pay for your name and address. Then they mail and solicit you with frequently old news, invasive, and undependable "DUI" letters. These mailings descend on your residence the week after release from jail.
Then there's embarrassing words printed on the envelopes:
"DUI" "Drunk Driving" "Arrested" "Former Prosecutor" "Court-related "
"DMV" "Legal Advertisement" "Urgent" "Law Offices" "Attorney"
Coupons, rebates!! K-Mart? Wal-Mart? Costco?
How can you know if you found a qualified San Diego California DUI Attorney?
Many types of lawyers appear in San Diego DUI cases: public defenders, general practitioners, California criminal defense attorneys, and DUI Specialist Lawyers recognized by the California DUI Lawyers Association.

Start with these questions when researching:

How long has he or she been handling DUI cases?

Is he or she prompt in providing information and answering emails or questions?

How long has he or she been in the National College for DUI Defense?
Does he lecture lawyers in San Diego and California on how to properly defend DUI and DMV cases?
Is he or she a Contributing Editor to the Bible for California DUI Defense - California Drunk Driving Law?
Is he or she a Contributing Editor to the modern DUI defense book: Attacking and Defending Drunk Driving Tests?
Does he or she maintain a huge library of DUI materials, books, manuals, studies, memos, research and documents solely designed to help someone facing a San Diego County DUI?
How much of his or her practice is DUI Defense?

Does he or she actually go to war in the battlefield, or does he or she send less experienced lawyers to handle Court and DMV?

Does the firm charge in advance for a jury trial fee even though most San Diego cases do NOT ultimately conclude with a trial?

Be wise. Examine with a magnifying glass the credentials of a California DUI Lawyer Specialist you are looking at.