Friday, November 18, 2011

San Diego Police Department DUI Officer Goes Down in "Sex for No - DUI" Case

California jurors took more notes in the latest San Diego "NO DUI for Sex" scandal trial than any other jury according to the Judge presiding over the case.

Commenting jurors who delivered the Guilty Verdict at yesterday's San Diego Superior Court trial of the former San Diego Police Department Officer say they were most swayed by the damaging testimony of "Jane Doe" who was taken into the bathroom of the 7/11 on J Street where she took off her panties and was allegedly sexually assaulted.

Unlike certain folks at Penn State, she reported the sexual assault. It didn't take long for scent-smelling police investigators to record conversations with the former San Diego Police Officer who handled downtown DUI cases. Surveillance camera footage from the convenience store corroborated "Jane's" account.

The powers at be arrested the poor cop who was fired by SDPD. Now he awaits a state prison sentence where he may not be as popular as he was in the Gaslamp District. He was acquitted of some charges so his San Diego criminal defense lawyers did a pretty good job.

He was, however, found guilty of assault and battery by an officer, asking for a bribe and misdemeanor false imprisonment. Is he considered a "first-offender" if he has no prior record? For reasons based on the evidence presented at trial, California DUI attorneys suggest NOT.