Saturday, December 31, 2011

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Monday, December 12, 2011

First thing to do after a DUI is this free online Evaluation. San Diego attorney Rick Mueller quickly emails a proposal, license info & help

First thing to do after a DUI is this free online Evaluation. San Diego attorney Rick Mueller quickly emails a proposal, license return help & all information needed to consider your options and defend you while you keep driving.

His San Diego County DUI Law Center provides exceptional work you can rely on. You won't have to wait long for a quick response. Imagine getting emailed everything to handle this California DUI promptly & effectively.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

San Diego DUI Attorney Rick Mueller is a "10" - rated DUI Lawyer with multiple excellent Google Attorney Reviews, armed with 28+ years of experience

San Diego DUI Attorney Rick Mueller is rated a "10". Awarded as 1 of only 3 local TRUE California DUI Lawyers Association "Specialists," careful about other lawyer sites that claim they are Specialists. With his 28+ years of aggressive experience, you can really trust Rick. Do not be fooled with attorney ads saying they are "Specialists". Check CDLA's site for verification. Otherwise, it's self-titled without validation. Excellent Google Reviews confirm he devotes every minute of his profession in vigorously helping people charged with Drunk Driving in California.

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For updates on local checkpoints, visit this free lawyer San Diego DUI checkpoint location map . It could save you alot of money and hassle, San Diego attorneys remind. This week the Sheriff's Department in San Diego County released their holiday DUI locations and dates. For details, click here.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Medical Marijuana may actually lower traffic deaths

The November 29th, 2011 paper published by University of Colorado Denver Professor Daniel Rees and Montana State University Assistant Professor D. Mark Anderson suggests Medical Marijuana may actually lower traffic deaths.

Actual Study shows medical marijuana laws reduce traffic deaths
Leads to lower consumption of alcohol

The study looked at traffic fatalities nationwide for the years 1990-2009 to see if there was any correlation between highway fatalities and liberalized medical marijuana laws. They found that, in states that legalized the medicinal use of marijuana, both traffic fatalities and alcohol consumption declined.

A groundbreaking new study shows that laws legalizing medical marijuana have resulted in a nearly nine percent drop in traffic deaths and a five percent reduction in beer sales.

High Times Magazine is excited: "While the study does not openly declare that medicinal cannabis legalization was directly responsible for the reduction in traffic fatalities, the implication is clear. "

High Times notes: "...if these people are driving with the same frequency now that they were before medical marijuana legalization and if they are smoking more pot instead of drinking, that suggests they are potentially driving while stoned and experiencing less fatalities, which would further substantiate the aforementioned studies (1983 and 1992 in the U.S., 1998 in Australia and 2000 from the UK) that do indicate people actually tend to drive more cautiously when stoned."

Back to this new study: “Our research suggests that the legalization of medical marijuana reduces traffic fatalities through reducing alcohol consumption by young adults,” said Daniel Rees, professor of economics at the University of Colorado Denver who co-authored the study with D. Mark Anderson, assistant professor of economics at Montana State University.

The researchers collected data from a variety of sources including the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, and the Fatality Analysis Reporting System.

The study is the first to examine the relationship between the legalization of medical marijuana and traffic deaths.

“We were astounded by how little is known about the effects of legalizing medical marijuana,” Rees said. “We looked into traffic fatalities because there is good data, and the data allow us to test whether alcohol was a factor.”

Anderson noted that traffic deaths are significant from a policy standpoint.

“Traffic fatalities are an important outcome from a policy perspective because they represent the leading cause of death among Americans ages five to 34,” he said.

The economists analyzed traffic fatalities nationwide, including the 13 states that legalized medical marijuana between 1990 and 2009. In those states, they found evidence that alcohol consumption by 20- through 29-year-olds went down, resulting in fewer deaths on the road.

The economists noted that simulator studies conducted by previous researchers suggest that drivers under the influence of alcohol tend to underestimate how badly their skills are impaired. They drive faster and take more risks. In contrast, these studies show that drivers under the influence of marijuana tend to avoid risks. However, Rees and Anderson cautioned that legalization of medical marijuana may result in fewer traffic deaths because it’s typically used in private, while alcohol is often consumed at bars and restaurants.

“I think this is a very timely study given all the medical marijuana laws being passed or under consideration,” Anderson said. “These policies have not been research-based thus far and our research shows some of the social effects of these laws. Our results suggest a direct link between marijuana and alcohol consumption.”

The study also examined marijuana use in three states that legalized medical marijuana in the mid-2000s, Montana, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Marijuana use by adults increased after legalization in Montana and Rhode Island, but not in Vermont. There was no evidence that marijuana use by minors increased.

“Although we make no policy recommendations, it certainly appears as though medical marijuana laws are making our highways safer,” Rees said.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Searching for a 10-rating San Diego California DUI attorney starts right here. Be wary of Google searches of lawyers listing the word "DUI" !

Searching for a 10-rating San Diego California DUI attorney starts right here. Just because Google displays lawyers connected with the word "DUI" does not mean the California DUI Lawyers Association recognizes them as "Specialist" Attorneys. Check the CDLA site for easy verification.

Your initial San Diego DUI arrest often provides the best chance to contest the actions in an administrative hearing at DMV and in a court arena. First and foremost, observe the time limit on your pink Order of Suspension / Temporary License Endorsement.

You do not have to wait for Monday morning to get answers. Visit this San Diego County DUI Law Center resource consultation today and receive valuable information within minutes emailed to you.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Act innocent, honestly answer initial questions, do not offer information & know your rights if stopped by San Diego California DUI cop, attorneys say

1. Behave Innocent & Safe

When a San Diego California DUI cop stops your vehicle, take a deep breath. Naturally attempt to demonstrate to the cop that there is no problem and that nothing is wrong. Calmly behave nonthreateningly. Stop as soon as possible. Pull over and lawfully park in a safe location. Put your vehicle's overhead lights in the car if it's nighttime. Gently place your hands on the vehicle's wheel so the cop can clearly see both hands. Put your window about halfway, although some attorneys say all the way down and a number of lawyers suggest just to crack the window. In any event, try to relax. Deep breaths.

2. Honestly Answer initial Questions but do not Offer Information

San Diego cops are banking that you will do their job of leading to a DUI arrest by saying something borderline-stupid or just admitting to something you don't have to. Either way, avoid saying the wrong thing. Believe you have done nothing wrong. Think the cop is just curious and earning his pay. Never admit to doing anything wrong or having done anything criminal! Initially answer the cop's questions honestly without revealing much information.

Remember at any time your right to remain silent, depending on the questions, answers and the cop's responses. You really only have to give your license, registration and insurance if you encounter a cop after driving.

3. Politely Exercise Your Rights

Prior to arresting you for a California DUI, a San Diego area cop will want to have you blow in a hand-held breath test estimator gadget or maybe even look in your vehicle for contraband or evidence. You do not have to blow (unless under 21 years of age or on DUI probation). You do not have to let the cop search your vehicle. If the cop arrests you for DUI, tell the cop you do not wish to answer any questions unless you have a San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer there with you.

The less information which helps the San Diego DUI cop convict you, the better. Less is better for you. That less is better does not always apply. So if you gave more than you had to, you will need the help of an experienced attorney even more, at both court and DMV.

If you are not sure you have an alcohol problem, check out the video clips in this San Diego DUI Lawyer's latest blog.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Do you need to attend a MADD meeting as a result of your San Diego California DUI? Here's a lawyer resource center has the MADD locations & dates

Do you need to attend a MADD meeting as a result of your San Diego California DUI? This attorney's resource center has the MADD locations, dates and times. Visit San Diego County DUI Law Center's MADD information center - click here for details.

If you are required to attend a MADD Victim Impact Panel meeting or session in San Diego County, as part of a court order after your DUI arrest, please note the following dates, four locations and times:

2nd Tuesday evening of each month, by 6:00 pm
San Diego Superior Court Hall of Justice – Jury Lounge
330 West Broadway Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

3rd Tuesday evening of each month, by 4:45 pm
South Bay Superior Court – Jury Lounge
500 Third Ave.
Chula Vista, CA 91910

3rd Thursday evening of each month, by 4:45 pm
El Cajon Courthouse – Jury Lounge
250 East Main Street
El Cajon, CA 92020

4th Wednesday evening of each month, by 4:45 pm
Vista Courthouse – Jury Lounge
325 S. Melrose Drive
Vista, CA 92083

Please call (858) 564-0785 to confirm the above dates & times.

on hotline for details - click here.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Texting While Driving (TWD) & Cell phone use While Driving (CWD) More Dangerous than DUI or drunk driving, say Californians

Can you believe this? According to California folks, texting, using or speaking while on a cell phone while driving is more dangerous than DUI, drunk driving, speeding or aggressive driving.

About 20% of the people told the California State Office of Traffic Safety in a survey that CWD (Cell phone use while driving) is the #1 safety problem on California roads.

18% say Texting While Driving (TWD) is the most specific, worst problem, then speeding/aggressive driving at 17% and DUI/ drunk driving at 13%, California attorneys learned today.

Said opinions are not supported yet by recorded statistics. Stats presently suggest DUI or drunk driving is the most common cause of roadway injuries and deaths in California, lawyers are told.

California officials claim texting is more dangerous than talking on cell phones because it takes drivers' eyes off the road longer.

California drivers see more motorists talking on cell phones than texting, which is harder to detect.

Californians are beginning to recognize cell phone conversations are a serious distraction to drivers. "Distracted driving is something we want to curb early, so it doesn't become entrenched," says the top California official.

Cops of course will still continue to look for and stop drunk drivers and speeders, while continuing to stop motorists for illegal cell phone use, California DUI lawyers realize.

Interestingly, the number of drivers who admit talking on cell phones while driving has dropped in the last year.

It still remains legal in California to talk on a hands-free cell phone while driving, but California Safety officials believe that is as much as dangerous as talking on handheld cells.