Tuesday, December 6, 2011

San Diego DUI Attorney Rick Mueller is a "10" - rated DUI Lawyer with multiple excellent Google Attorney Reviews, armed with 28+ years of experience

San Diego DUI Attorney Rick Mueller is rated a "10". Awarded as 1 of only 3 local TRUE California DUI Lawyers Association "Specialists," careful about other lawyer sites that claim they are Specialists. With his 28+ years of aggressive experience, you can really trust Rick. Do not be fooled with attorney ads saying they are "Specialists". Check CDLA's site for verification. Otherwise, it's self-titled without validation. Excellent Google Reviews confirm he devotes every minute of his profession in vigorously helping people charged with Drunk Driving in California.

Sometimes it is so difficult. Different attorneys say different things. Don't make it difficult. Keep it simple.

Most people just have to make up their minds once they have all the information. Get all the information emailed to you for your best San Diego California DUI defense lawyer approach at this helpful link. It's for many good people who make smart decisions. San Diego County DUI Law Center's Rick Mueller offers free online resources for folks confronted by the possibilities from a bad night.

For updates on local checkpoints, visit this free lawyer San Diego DUI checkpoint location map . It could save you alot of money and hassle, San Diego attorneys remind. This week the Sheriff's Department in San Diego County released their holiday DUI locations and dates. For details, click here.