Thursday, December 1, 2011

Texting While Driving (TWD) & Cell phone use While Driving (CWD) More Dangerous than DUI or drunk driving, say Californians

Can you believe this? According to California folks, texting, using or speaking while on a cell phone while driving is more dangerous than DUI, drunk driving, speeding or aggressive driving.

About 20% of the people told the California State Office of Traffic Safety in a survey that CWD (Cell phone use while driving) is the #1 safety problem on California roads.

18% say Texting While Driving (TWD) is the most specific, worst problem, then speeding/aggressive driving at 17% and DUI/ drunk driving at 13%, California attorneys learned today.

Said opinions are not supported yet by recorded statistics. Stats presently suggest DUI or drunk driving is the most common cause of roadway injuries and deaths in California, lawyers are told.

California officials claim texting is more dangerous than talking on cell phones because it takes drivers' eyes off the road longer.

California drivers see more motorists talking on cell phones than texting, which is harder to detect.

Californians are beginning to recognize cell phone conversations are a serious distraction to drivers. "Distracted driving is something we want to curb early, so it doesn't become entrenched," says the top California official.

Cops of course will still continue to look for and stop drunk drivers and speeders, while continuing to stop motorists for illegal cell phone use, California DUI lawyers realize.

Interestingly, the number of drivers who admit talking on cell phones while driving has dropped in the last year.

It still remains legal in California to talk on a hands-free cell phone while driving, but California Safety officials believe that is as much as dangerous as talking on handheld cells.