Saturday, January 14, 2012

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HOW TO AVOID a San Diego DUI this week: Tips, Evaluation, Checkpoints, & Attorney Articles:

How do Prior California DUI convictions affect a second DUI and the DMV for a minor?
“Can a San Diego cop run my plates and stop me to see if I am licensed?”
Possible 10 Year License Revocation for 3rd or more DUI
“Rising” BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) DMV Resources
Refusal Cases
Why Miranda Rights usually do not have to be read in DUI cases
Steps to get off Probation after a San Diego DUI
Vista DUI Attorney for San Diego County Superior Court in Vista California
El Cajon DUI Court requires a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney
Chula Vista DUI Criminal Defense Attorneys Available for southern San Diego County
California DUI Checkpoint Law
NHTSA eliminated behavior cues or purported alcohol impairment clues -
social class indicators or subjective
Under 21 DUI laws
What do I do if there is a Warrant out for my Arrest?
“..I cannot represent myself, can I get a Public Defender Lawyer for my San Diego DUI?”
Enhanced DUI Penalties for .15% BAC, Refusal, and/or Excessive Speeding
DUI Drugs can be based on prescription, over-the-counter or illegal drugs in San Diego
San Diego California “Driving” Element of “DUI” Issues
Secrets of SR-22 Insurance
Why pay San Diego DUI Attorney Fee Not Used? Why Most DUI Cases Do Not Go to Trial
Second DUI Restriction Available 90 Days after Suspension If Eligible & IID
Hand-held PAS (Preliminary Alcohol Screening) AlcoSensor Breath Testers in San Diego
Several San Diego DUI Attorney Google Reviews from 2010
How to Get off Probation after a San Diego DUI
List of MADD DUI meeting locations, dates and times for San Diego County
Canada denies visit if San Diego DUI on record but attorneys work around laws
Stop unauthorized release of hospital blood test & medical treatment records
What was that hand-held gadget I blew into? A PAS (Preliminary Alcohol Screening) Test
San Diego DUI Prosecution Expert’s assumed “BAC” – Make an ASS out of U and ME
You may be prosecuted for “DUH” – Driving Under the Influence of Hangover.
Retrograde Extrapolation – San Diego DUI guess of higher BAC at time of driving
Significance of a Breath Temperature on a San Diego DUI breath test machine
Advances in San Diego DUI Breath Testing Technologies
Are San Diego DUI Breath Tests Reliable?
San Diego DUI Police Videos should be required by law!

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