Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Try one of the three San Diego DUI "Specialists" as regulated by the California DUI Lawyers Association

Just because you were ARRESTED for a DUI in San Diego California does NOT mean you will be convicted. That's why you get a Quality DUI Attorney, from the very beginning.

Once in good hands, have your San Diego DUI Lawyer schedule the DMV administrative/license hearing so you can continue to drive.

Sometimes San Diego DUI cops jump the gun on the conclusion that a person is DUI. Especially in an accident. After routine contacts, and more often after a San Diego county collision, DUI police search for purported indicia or symptoms of impairment as part of their enforcement of California's strict Drunk Driving laws.

San Diego California DUI criminal defense lawyers review & analyze evidence including DUI police reports which frequently report confusion, glassy or watery eyes, and similar vague symptoms as purported signs of impairment. But a person who is not DUI (alcohol or drugs) may be disoriented after an automobile collision. A driver with allergies, who is tired, who was hit with an airbag or resulting other circumstances may display red, bloodshot or watery eyes.

When facing serious DUI charges in LA, it is important to speak with an experienced DUI defense attorney to learn what defenses may be available in individual circumstances.

Los Angeles Dodger baseball player James Loney was arrested for DUI but his test for drugs and alcohol came back negative, meaning there is "insufficient evidence" to proceed with the case.

Loney's lawyer maintained his erratic behavior that day was the result of a head injury:

"Independent lab analysis re-confirmed that Mr. Loney did not have any unlawful substances or alcohol in his blood. The traffic accident reports described that Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics quickly responded to the scene and determined that Mr. Loney displayed symptoms consistent with head trauma, including disorientation."

Loney faced a California DUI investigation for being involved in a multiple-vehicle collision on the 101 Freeway in Sherman Oaks on November 14, 2011. Loney allegedly sideswiped 3 cars, stopped in the fast lane, passed out, awakened and tried to leave the scene only to crash again. Arrested. Now free. He simply could not remember his odd situation.

Maybe your case does not involve such a situation. But the more difficult situation may prompt the need for the better San Diego DUI criminal defense attorney. Try one of the three San Diego DUI "Specialists" as regulated by the California DUI Lawyers Association.