Friday, April 6, 2012

"Driving" is something which must be proved in every San Diego California DUI case but last night's parked car on I-5 accident has 20 witnesses

CDLA DUI Attorney "Specialists" spot issues in your San Diego DUI case such as "driving" or BAC test admissibility & reliability. California DUI Lawyers Association recognizes "Specialists". Issues involving DRIVING in a San Diego DUI case may begin at this San Diego County DUI Law Center Article. San Diego DMV license suspension procedures and legal applications are different. San Diego lawyers understand administrative per se actions may or may not utilize California criminal cases cited in this San Diego DUI Lawyer Article. Rules and legal tests can be distinguishable as most San Diego DUI attorneys will tell you. California DUI criminal cases should not adversely apply to a civil administrative DMV action. Determinations can only fairly be based on a DMV decisions and standards. DMV should not rely on criminal court standards in civil cases to attempt to make a DMV finding of “driving.” The issue of driving will probably not come into play in last night's drunk driving accident on I-5. 2 San Diego DUI drivers were hospitalized Friday after a guy parked his car in the middle of Interstate 5 near Sea World Drive shortly after 2 a.m, then fell asleep in the front seat. Another car, carrying 2 people, hit the parked car which caused their car to roll. 20 witnesses can ID the drivers and assisting in removing the male and female from the overturned wreckage. The 2 guys were hospitalized; a female in the second vehicle was fortunately not injured. The 2 drivers agreed to a San Diego DUI preliminary alcohol screening breath test at the scene of this drunk driving accident.