Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hand Sanitizer Alcohol and the Rising Blood Alcohol Level Defense in California DUI cases

California DUI attorneys face numerous challenges. Often someone will have a drink shortly before driving. The question is did that alcohol absorb in the system during driving or AFTER driving? It's a legitimate rising blood alcohol level defense. The idea is one could be .07% at time of driving and .09% later at time of test. That means the person was not over the limit at the time of driving, San Diego DUI lawyers insist. The higher the alcohol level of the drink, the easier it is to be at a lower BAC at time of driving and a much higher BAC later. If someone drinks hand sanitizer, that would surely elevate one's BAC in great proportion. 6 teens went to the hospital after drinking hand sanitizer. This stuff is 62% ethyl alcohol, more than a shot of hard liquor. The Southern California hospital treated them for alcohol poisoning but they were chugging the antimicrobial gel. Even YouTube features videos of teens taking this foul germ-killing goo. It is very concentrated. Teens have a long tradition of looking in the medicine cabinet in order get a cheap buzz. A few years ago, teens were chugging cough syrup in order to get at the opiate-like effects of dextromethorphan. Certain mouthwashes contain ethyl alcohol as well. Before pseudoephedrine went behind the pharmacy counter, teens sought it out for a quick high. In California, where the cases were reported, authorities are suggesting parents keep an eye on their sanitizer pumps. If California parents are worried, buy the gel foam because of the difficult of extracting alcohol from gel foam.