Thursday, May 31, 2012

How a holder of an out of state driver's license can terminating a California DMV Suspension Action after a San Diego DUI - steps suggested by attorneys

Drivers with a license from a state other than California sometimes face tricky situations after a San Diego DUI arrest.

California DMV may have suspended the out-of-state driver's privilege to operate a motor vehicle in California. The out-of-state person may have a valid out-of-state license but California DMV imposed a suspension after a San Diego drunk driving arrest.

Once the California DMV suspension period is over, steps can be taken to terminate the suspension action so no negative repercussions happen to one's home state driver's license.

In this new San Diego County DUI Lawyer Center article, attorney Rick Mueller lists the important steps needed to correct this problem. A simple phone call to Sacramento requesting these forms will get you on the right track if you face this issue.