Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lawsuit over unlawful California DUI checkpoint police activity

San Diego's DUI checkpoints in Escondido are notorious for being disguised ways of catching illegal immigrants without licenses so their vehicles are impounded and $$$ is made.

California law recently stopped DUI cops from immediately impounding the cars of people who have done nothing wrong besides not having a license, criminal defense attorneys proclaim.

Historically, the first count in a new lawsuit by ACLU happened in January 2011, when 2 folks named Bologna and Worts were actively and rightfully protesting a San Diego California DUI checkpoint from a Valley Parkway sidewalk.

One Escondido officer, citing a California vehicle code section regarding the sales of merchandise within 500 feet of a freeway ramp, claiming they had to move.

The ACLU informed Escondido of its concerns. Then four months later, CHP officers cited the same code section when the men were legitimately protesting an Escondido drunk driving checkpoint near Broadway and Lincoln Avenues.

California DUI cops up in Northern San Diego County Inland claim drunk driving roadblocks are strictly for public safety and discriminate only against people who are breaking the law, regardless of ethnicity.

The CHP told the ACLU its officer was concerned with “driver safety, as he believe passing traffic was being distracted by the protest signs.”

April 24, 2012 Mr. Bologna was videotaping another California drunk driving checkpoint when two Escondido DUI officers ordered him to move away.

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