Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Every person accused of DUI in California is entitled to a fair trial and a quality DUI criminal defense lawyer, even employees of California's prosecuting District Attorney office

Anyone can be arrested for DUI: blue collar, white collar, judges, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, pilots, military, office employees, drivers, out of state people, even... prosecutors...

Wait a minute, even a government worker for the prosecutor's office can be arrested for drunk driving in California?


And every accused is entitled to a fair trial and to be represented by competent criminal defense attorneys, San Diego DUI lawyers remind.

One District Attorney's Office employee in Humboldt County was acquitted yesterday of California DUI charges.

Prosecutor Office's Legal Business Manager Jeannie Duncan was popped for drunk driving on April 30, 2011 in Eureka, California.

She was prosecuted by the California Attorney General's Office. Now Duncan has been acquitted by a Humboldt County Superior Court California DUI jury.

Placed on paid administrative leave 2 days after the drunk driving arrest, she made a claim for damages against the county claiming she was retaliated against for questioning a host of nefarious activities in the DA's Office.

Now she is a free citizen!