Tuesday, July 3, 2012

California DMV Manual Instructs Hearing Officers to decide DUI & Refusal administrative license hearings & credibility issues like this

San Diego DUI lawyers work hard to save drivers' licenses at California DMV APS hearings in .08%, .01% and Refusal cases.

How does a California DMV Hearing Officer "decide"? Here's what the California DMV Manual instructs regarding decision-making and findings.

California Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers can tell clients DMV is trained to resolve credibility issues like this:

"...When a witness hesitates, stutters inconsistently (only to certain questions), gives evasive answers, or changes their testimony, you may list these actions as reasons for not believing that person’s testimony.

Ask yourself, why the officer or the driver sounds untruthful and state the reasons that lead to the credibility finding in the report. The weight of the evidence must go in one direction or the other.”

DMV APS Manual, Chapter, page 12-76