Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Interesting DUI and crimes at Del Mar Race Track in San Diego California, as attorneys announce the stats for Opening Day and last weekend's Vista DUI Checkpoint

Del Mar Race Track in San Diego is in full swing. Remember to use to get your bets in. You can bet the local DUI enforcement team will try to generate lots of money this year, San Diego DUI lawyers believe.

San Diego Sheriff's Drunk Driving Department hit revelers pretty hard in California on Opening Day, say attorneys. Here's the numbers:

Sheriff's Motor Strike Team:

(135) moving citations

(4) parking citations

(3) towed vehicles

(1) assist CHP with DUI

(2) non-injury collision investigations

(1) taxi driver cited and license confiscated, for following motor units who were escorting emergency vehicles to the race track

San Diego California DUI Saturation/AVOID*:

(28) traffic stops which resulted in:

(4) DUI arrests

(1) warrant arrest

(7) DUI evaluations

(8) citations for open containers at the Solana Beach Train Station as race patrons arrived.

City of Del Mar Directed Patrol:

(2) moving vehicle violation citations

(1) arrest for Under the Influence/Heroin

(1) report/theft of Domino's pizza delivery truck

(1) report of a rape that was unfounded; arrested for (drunk in public)

Del Mar Race Operations Opening Day (On Property):

(29) drunk in public arrests

(21) open container citations in the parking lot of the race track

(2) minor in possession of alcohol (citations)

(1) possession of marijuana (citation)

(1) misdemeanor domestic battery (report taken)

(1) arrest for possession of narcotics

(2) DUI arrest

(1) petty theft (report taken)

(2) traffic citations

San Diego California DUI lawyers continue to post DUI checkpoint locations here. County Sheriff's Department, Vista Station, conducted a Drunk Driving / License checkpoint at 1450 E. Vista Way, in the City of Vista. The checkpoint took place between 7:30 PM and 2:00 AM July 20th.

1,405 vehicles passed through the checkpoint with 703 of those drivers contacted. The results included the following: Six drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, one of whom was also charged with the possession of and intent to sell a controlled substance. All were booked into Vista Detention Facility. One juvenile driver was arrested for possession of alcohol under the age of 21 and possession of marijuana.

Seven Field Sobriety evaluations were conducted on drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. 12 vehicles were stored due to violations including driving with a suspended license, unlicensed drivers, or as a result of arrest. 33 citations were issued for various violations including: Unlicensed Drivers-16 and Suspended Driver's License-three.