Thursday, July 12, 2012

Must California DMV give a motorist his or her driver's license or privilege back after your attorney gets a NOT GUILTY in court, even after DMV suspended at its first APS hearing? (Yes!)

When a San Diego drunk driving defense attorney succeeds in having the Superior Court dismiss DUI charges in criminal court, the driver gets another change to get his or her license back. California DMV provides for another hearing even if DMV suspended at the first administrative per se hearing.

Better yet, when your San Diego California DUI lawyer obtains a court Acquittal or Not Guilty on the charge of driving with a certain BAC or more, e.g. .08% or more per California Vehicle Code section 23152(b), the Department of Motor Vehicles is required by law to reinstate driving privileges (give license back) without charge!

Read about how the California DMV DUI Hearing Manual explains this complicated process from the State's viewpoint.