Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Most DUI arrests in California are alcohol-related but many are drug-related & due to increased enforcement & costs, the number of drunk driving deaths have gone down, San Diego County DUI Law Center announced

Even though there are more different ways of getting a DUI in California including on your boat (BUI) or by prescription drugs or medical marijuana, e.g. (see this San Diego DUI attorney article), the number of DUI cases are down and drunk driving fatalities are down in California.

That's right. DMV's latest DUI survey confirms this.

California has seen a sharp decline in alcohol-involved crash fatalities in 2010.

Alcohol and drug-involved crash fatalities dropped by more than 15% in 2010. [2010 is is the latest year the California Department of Motor Vehicles has available.]

The complete California drunk driving study studied 2000-2010.

Highlights include:

1. A significant rise in DUI-related arrests since 2006 and the drop in DUI-related fatalities are both a result of a highly funded, bigger California DUI enforcement campaign.

2. A spike in drug-related driving deaths. From 2000 to 2010, drug-involved fatal accidents increased 63%.

3. A DUI will cost a person from $8,000-15,000 including increased insurance cost. (Cost increases if medical bills.)

4. Median age of a DUI person in California in 2010 was thirty years old.

5. Over 70% conviction rate.