Tuesday, September 4, 2012

28 California DUI arrests from San Diego drunk driving checkpoints in downtown Gaslamp, Pacific Beach and U.S. Border area roadblocks

San Diego California DUI Police trapped Labor Day motorists with 3 DUI county checkpoints, attorneys announced today.

Monday, September 3rd at 2400 Grand Avenue, Pacific Beach checkpoint trapped thousands of weekend lovers from 4:00 pm through just after 11:00 pm resulting in only 6 San Diego DUI arrests. 3,369 vehicles were trapped by this California drunk driving roadblock. 1,818 motorists met sniffing San Diego DUI officers. Twenty-six went to secondary for drunk driving testing. 8 vehicles were impounded with 1 arrest arising out of an outstanding California DUI warrant.

Saturday, September 1st met Mexico lovers at 600 East San Ysidro Boulevard, San Ysidro, California. This San Diego area drunk driving roadblock left no option for motorists from 11:45 p.m. through just after 4:00 a.m., closing time in Tijuana. 333 vehicles could not avoid this California DUI checkpoint. 325 were sniffed at by drunk driving border area cops. 23 motorists faced secondary and FST evaluation. 11 San Diego DUI arrests. 11 vehicles impounded.

Friday, August 31st downtown trapped folks leaving the Gaslamp San Diego at 1500 First Avenue, just north of Beech. This DUI roadblock began just after 10:00 pm and waited till after 3 a.m. to trap 2,074 vehicles. 1,311 drivers were sniffed by DUI officers. 37 motorists detained for a drunk driving evaluations. 11 San Diego DUI arrests came out of this checkpoint. 12 vehicles impounded.

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