Monday, October 8, 2012

Driving after Drinking Dairy may get you a DUI or Drunk Driving in Russia but not California, attorneys report

How ridiculous will California's strict DUI laws get, attorneys are asked.  
The number of drunk driving measures continues to escalate in California, San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyers relate.  But one country may be going too far:  Russia.   Its government health officials suggest drinking and driving do not go well together when the drink in question is "kefir," a fermented milk / dairy beverage containing less than 1% alcohol, says Gennady Onishchenko, Russia's chief sanitary inspector.  Criticism escalated on Twitter and Facebook. Users a glass of kefir photograph with this caption, "Kefir? NO! I'm driving!"  Some Onishchenko is nuts.
DUI and drunk driving experts in the former USSR continue to scramble to try to increase tough public stances on drunk driving and DUI after one impaired driver caused 5 orphan deaths and 2 other fatalities last month upon crashing into a bus stop in Moscow. Proposals for DUI include life sentences for drivers who cause death while drunk or DUI.  Drunk driving is a larger threat than terrorism, say a few people.