Tuesday, November 13, 2012

$500,000 Grant given to San Diego California Probation Department to go after high risk DUI persons, attorneys warn

California's DUI deaths dipped for 5 years.  If the economy gets better & folks party, San Diego DUI cops do not want to see those numbers stabilize or increase.  San Diego California DUI offenders will be targeted, say local lawyers.
In 2011, the San Diego DUI Enforcement Team executed 7 warrant service operations on DUI probationers and DUI suspects when they failed to appear after drunk driving arrests. Forty-two special operations were also employed including DUI checkpoints.  For a list of DUI checkpoints, visit San Diego County DUI Law Center attorney Rick Mueller's free location site.
San Diego County's DUI Enforcement Team were responsible for a hundred and twenty-four DUI-related arrests in the 2011-12 fiscal year.  Many had to do with folks who failed to abstain from alcohol, as ordered by court.  They also were doing arrests of San Diego DUI probationers driving with a suspended license.

"Our efforts save lives and prevent injuries related to alcohol or drug-related driving," said San Diego County Chief Probation Officer Mack Jenkins. "The grant helps us hold DUI offenders accountable by ensuring they're following court orders and providing rehabilitative opportunities that ultimately improve road safety for all of San Diego County."
Drunk driving is a potentially deadly crime. In San Diego County, seventy-four folks died and 2,126 injured in crashes involving a DUI driver in 2010. Of the San Diego drivers killed in crashes that year, 42 percent had blood alcohol levels more than 08%. In California in 2010, it was 791.
California Office of Traffic Safety grant is awarded through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It pays for the San Diego County DUI Enforcement Team, an intensive probation supervision program for high risk DUI offenders. Supervision includes unannounced home searches and random alcohol and drug testing and monitoring to ensure compliance with court-ordered DUI education and treatment programs.
San Diego County Probation Department will now use a new $500,000 grant to keep high risk DUI offenders from somehow endangering other California drivers..