Tuesday, November 20, 2012

San Diego California's downtown East Village DUI checkpoint at 1400 G Street may not be valid

East Village in downtown San Diego can be fun.  It also can be a trap for California drivers, DUI lawyers emphasize.

On November 3rd, 2012 a Saturday, the San Diego Police Department trapped motorists who were heading out of downtown on G Street, attorneys are told.  The DUI Checkpoint  was at 1400 G Street.

This tricky California drunk driving roadblock began at 13th Street.   In the map provided to San Diego DUI lawyer Rick Mueller, just prior to 13th are the first two DUI checkpoint Signs placed 50 feet prior to the intersection on G Street.   The one on the north side of the street says DUI Checkpoint To the Left.  The one on the south side of the street says DUI Checkpoint Ahead.

At what point motorists could actually see those signs heading eastbound is unclear.

The problem is, at 11 and 12th streets, just prior to the warning signs, are one way streets.  11th street is one way going northbound and prior notice of checkpoint would not be visible from there. 12 street is one way going southbound and has a trolley track on the east end.  Depending on which lane you are in, it may not be possible to turn on either prior to entry into the checkpoint.

If you are in the far left left lane (#1 lane ) of the 3 lanes, you would have to illegally cross 2 lanes to go south if you suddenly saw the signs as you came up to  12th street.  That would be a basis for a police stop.

This California DUI checkpoint smells of an illegal trap and unconstitutional checkpoint.  See this DUI Lawyer checkpoint law summary.