Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Usually prescription pain and anxiety medications state in print on the bottom not to "operate heavy machinery and not to drive" but folks do anyway. When many drivers think of 'drugs,' they think meth, cocaine or heroin. It's not. It's prescription drugs is the new California DUI problem, say San Diego DUI lawyers

The law in Caifornia says you cannot drive while under influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Roughly 7.3% of California drivers in this new survey had some measurable level of alcohol on their breath, most well below .08%. 

Nearly 1/4 of those drivers also tested positive for at least 1 drug.
A few of the drivers arrived at the survey checkpoints too drunk to legally drive, including one driver who was too drunk even to answer the questions. They were held at the site until a sober driver could take over but were not arrested or cited.
That office commissioned the $650,000 study by the Maryland-based Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, paid for with federal funds.
The survey-takers randomly stopped drivers at 9 sites around California.
The California survey appears to be the first to attempt to measure drugged driving at the state level. It closely follows a national survey done in 2007 that found nearly identical rates of positive drug tests among nighttime drivers.