Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last nights' San Diego California DUI attorney report

Looking for help after a long night and morning in San Diego jail, california dui lawyers ask? Simply venture with your fingertips to www.sandiegodrunkdriving, press free online evaluation form, complete, submit and immediately begin receiving personal emailed information from a top california dui attorney at san diego county dui law center. Last night california highway patrol made over twenty five dui busts in san diego county alone, Attorneys are told today. More are expected new years eve eve as almost four hundred drunk driving arrests were made by chp throughout california, lawyers with news access relate. San diego california dui checkpoints are listed at , warn attorneys.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Don't you love it when the overzealous Government wastes thousands of dollars in money on a California DUI checkpoint that turned up no arrests, lawyers ask? Poway California did that last night, going 0 for 2,498 with no drunk driving arrests, California DUI attorneys are told!

A small fortune is spent by the police in setting up a place where they can shoot the shit, share donuts and sip coffee rather than patrol the roads of California like they were trained to do, DUI attorneys relate.  They do this in hopes of kicking back like a spider who spun a web, hoping to trap the small guy who is just driving along trying to get home but finds himself stuck in a trap, California DUI lawyers suggest.

In Poway California last night, at what was supposed to be some revenue-generating drunk driving police idea, turned out to be a 7 1/2 hour waste of patrol time and taxpayer money.   On 12/28/12 from 7:00 PM to 2:30 AM, DUI deputies from San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Poway Station set up donuts & coffee at a friday night DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint for westbound traffic at 13000 Poway Road.

Poways's DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint trapped 2,498 vehicles but resulted in NO DUI ARRESTS.

If you went 0 for 2,498, would you still have a job?

To make it look like they were earning their huge overtime paycheck, 674 vehicles were unnecessarily screened in the primary California DUI checkpoint inspection area.

16 vehicles' drivers' time were wasted upon being sent to the secondary drunk driving and license screening area so the driver could have their license status checked.

With no drunk driivng arrests arising out of this unjustified California DUI checkpoint, one must ask if those officers could have been used elsewhere?

5 citations were issued for driving without a valid driver's license which could be anything from California Vehicle Code section 12951 or 12500 to 14601 et.seq.  That's chump change for San Diego Superior Court or just fix-it tickets in some instances.

Friday, December 28, 2012

San Diego County's DUI checkpoint begin in Poway, Imperial Beach, El Cajon & Escondido tonight, California DUI attorneys warn, and Saturday in San Diego, lawyers are told

In the far south metropolitan area of California, the San Diego County DUI Law Center has provided a terrific free southern California DUI attorney service to the public all year.  Informing motorists of the locations of DUI and drunk driving roadblocks & checkpoints is helpful for those California drivers electing to consume alcohol and drive a vehicle in San Diego County, California DUI Lawyers say.  California DUI attorneys warned drivers of a number of these drunk driving roadblocks a few weeks ago in this published article.

Tonight, Escondido and Poway DUI police in northern San Diego County, Imperial Beach sheriff's in western San Diego county and El Cajon drunk driving police in eastern San Diego County have scheduled DUI checkpoints.  Both locations are presently secret and are designed to surprise motorists who may otherwise wish to avoid entry into the drunk driving roadblocks, attorneys say.  If you know of the location of either, please email or text San Diego California DUI lawyer Rick Mueller (619) 218-2997.

The El Cajon DUI checkpoint begins early at 6:00 p.m. Friday, December 28th.  It is presently scheduled for about 9 hours long.

Saturday night, December 29th, the San Diego Police Department DUI unit will set up drunk driving checkpoints sometime around 9:00 p.m. and going about six and a half hours.  Again the locations are secret.    If you know of the location of either, please email or text San Diego DUI attorney Rick Mueller (619) 218-2997.

Saturday there is a checkpoint planned in Chula Vista at an undisclosed location.

Monday night, the San Diego Police Department will have secret DUI checkpoint locations for New Year's Eve, beginning around nine.

Monday, December 24, 2012

The military is declaring war against alcohol in a big way. Marines at Camp Pendleton, North San Diego California and Miramar California face random DUI Breathalyzer tests 2 times per year beginning January 1, 2013, San Diego DUI lawyers announce

The military is declaring war against alcohol in a big way.  Marines at Camp Pendleton, North San Diego California and Miramar California face random DUI Breathalyzer tests 2 times per year beginning January 1, 2013, San Diego DUI lawyers say.
This is clearly the toughest anti-drinking policy in the United States military, San Diego California attorneys are told.
Lt. Gen. R.E. Milstead Jr., deputy commandant for manpower and reserve affairs, ordered any Marine or sailor with a BAC level of .01% or higher to be referred for possible alcohol counseling.  Those with tests at .04% or higher shall be referred to medical personnel to check "fitness for duty."
The new order "is primarily for deterrence and education."  Nothing will stop commanders from handing out punishment.  Each unit will have an officer or staff noncommissioned officer to act as the alcohol screening program coordinator. In September, a study by the Institute of Medicine, per DOD discovered binge drinking, often called "sport drinking," is increasing among military personnel in all branches.
In 1998, 35% of personnel admitted to binge drinking in the previous year. In 2008, the last year for which statistics were available, that figure had risen to 47%. Twenty percent of personnel classified themselves as "heavy" drinkers.
Noting that "alcohol has long been part of military culture," the study's authors, including professors from USC and UC San Francisco, called for better leadership from the top of the chain of command in curbing excess drinking. Among the recommendations was "routine screening for excessive alcohol consumption."
Under the Marine order, monthly reports about the results of the alcohol screening program will be kept by each Marine unit, and quarterly reports will be submitted to Marine Corps headquarters.
In fiscal 2011, the last year for which statistics are available, the Marine Corps reported 13 alcohol-related deaths among Marines in this country and abroad. Included were Marines killed by vehicle and motorcycle crashes, one from falling 17 stories from a building, one from attempting to run across a freeway near Camp Pendleton and several that occurred during binge drinking when the Marine passed out and could not be revived.
Officials have also expressed alarm about a link between domestic violence and sexual assault cases and alcohol use.  One summer Marine Corps report indicated that there had been 333 reported cases of sexual assault corpswide in 2011 and in many cases, the aggressor, the victim or both drank alcohol.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oceanside California police Bust cute Bunny, "End of the World Parties" wind down, San Diego DUI lawyers convey

Oceanside California police look like they bust cute bunny, possibly near an "End of the World Party" for San Diego DUI, attorneys are shown.

Handcuffed after being stopped late at night based on drunk driving police hunch or suspicion, a pretty lady allegedly failed roadside California DUI tests.  Gorgeous girl looks back at the talented cameraman, perhaps hoping a "bail-out" call will be made, if needed, e.g., to one of Hugh's California DUI lawyers "on call" at the San Diego County DUI Law Center.

When not working, bunnies enjoy sunbathing on the piano keys at one of his mansion's pools.

Oceanside California harbor has lots of boats in North San Diego County.  A pretty lady earlier in the day worked on the rescue boat which had just finished saving these reindeer lost in transit to the North Pole, just a few days before Christmas.

Oceanside California was the home for legendary former USC and San Diego Chargers star, Junior Seau.

Friday, December 21, 2012

New substitute for proof of California Insurance - on your phone, say California DUI lawyers / Reminder of rights & tips to do if stopped Christmas weekend

If you are stopped this Christmas holiday weekend after attending a social event where alcohol was served and ingested, California DUI attorneys wish to remind you to remember all you have to do is give the police officer proof of:

1.  California (or other state) driver's license.
2.  California (or other state) proof of registration.
3.  California (or other state) proof of insurance.

A.  You do not have to answer any questions about drinking and driving or any questions, remind California DUI lawyers.

B.  You do not have to perform any voluntary field coordination tests or acrobatics.

C.  You do not have to blow in any hand-held breath test gadget (unless under 21 or on California DUI probation).

D.  You do not have to get out of the car unless you are being arrested.

As far as insurance, there's a new California bill around the new year:

AB1708: Electronic Proof of Insurance – California already requires drivers to carry evidence that their vehicles are insured. 

AB1708 authorizes insurers to issue electronic verification of insurance coverage to mobile devices that drivers can present to law enforcement officers in lieu of a paper or plastic insurance card.

For tips on what to do or not to do, visit the San Diego County DUI Law Center's "Tips to minimize your risk of being convicted of a California DUI."

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Repeat DUI offenders face increased supervision, surprise home visits of San Diego DUI Probationers, and SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitors) bracelets worn by high-risk California DUI probationers to ensure that alcohol is detected and reported to the San Diego Superior Court for a possible probation violation.

California probably has the most repeat DUI drivers in the country, mostly because of its large population, San Diego DUI attorneys emphasize.  There have been some recent efforts by cops and P.O.'s in San Diego County and other places to tone Drunk Driving down during the holidays, say California DUI lawyers.
One idea is to put the San Diego County Probation Department into the mix.  Repeat DUI offenders face increased supervision, surprise home visits of San Diego DUI Probationers, and SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitors) bracelets worn by high-risk California DUI probationers to ensure that alcohol is detected and reported to the San Diego Superior Court for a possible probation violation.
Obviously, checkpoints are something the California DUI cops love to do during Christmas as that means Overtime $  and cash for filling San Diego drunk driving cops' kids stockings.
Guess how many people are on San Diego DUI probation?  755.  
How many folks on California DUI probation in San Diego are HIGH RISK?  380.
Believe it or not, a number of these folks have 4 or more California DUI arrests or convictions, or were involved in some drunk driving accident, attorneys are reminded.
Repeat DUI offenders in San Diego California virtually never repeat if on a SCRAM device, authorities tell lawyers.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What is "RUOK?" California DUI attorneys are asked. It's anti-DUI driving campaign, answer California DUI lawyers, trying to teach California drivers possible dangers of DUI and/or driving with drugs in one's system.

What is "RUOK?" California DUI attorneys are asked.  It's anti-DUI driving campaign, answer California DUI lawyers, trying to teach California drivers possible dangers of DUI and/or driving with drugs in one's system.  

 "RUOK?" campaign is the centerpiece for safe and sober rides. Popular nightlife in 4 California cities are targeted: Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco and San Diego.  

"Wrapped" cars look like California DUI police cruisers in the front and taxis in the rear.  Look for them in popular areas every weekend during this California drunk driving crackdown.  Pedestrians and patrons of busy bars and popular restaurants can view responsible modes of transportation home rather than risk a trip to jail by driving DUI.

The vehicle will be with a street team handing out papers which show rides home that are both normal (taxi, sober friend) and not so normal (pirate ships and giant chickens).  

This California DUI effort and the ongoing "RUOK?" campaign launched in 2011, provide creative and engaging ways which no matter how ridiculous the ride may be, as long as it is a safe and sober ride, it is the right choice. Materials have a QR code linking users to a GPS-enabled cab-finder mobile website, to use to search for a nearby cab.  

The street teams offer a "Not Driving" Instagram contest, another new element of this year's campaign effort. Participants are asked to follow OTS on Instagram, upload photos that demonstrate their safe ride home, and add a "not driving," caption and a #RUOK hashtag. Contest winners can receive taxi ride vouchers, donated by Taxi Magic, its participating fleets and other OTS partners.  

Additional information on RUOK? campaign or the wrapped cars, can be viewed at the OTS Facebook at or follow OTS on Twitter @OTS_CA.  On all OTS efforts, view

2012's Crackdown provides payment for the 325 California and San Diego DUI checkpoints and hundreds of California DUI saturation patrols through January 1. 2,000 DUI checkpoints are targeted for 2013.

California DUI Lawyers announce new laws that may affect persons suspected of drunk driving or DUI - Drugs. A person suspected loses right to urine test option. These laws also expand one's right to text while driving when hands-free or voice-operated, California DUI Attorneys announce.

California DUI Lawyers announce new laws that may affect persons suspected of drunk driving or DUI - Drugs.  A person suspected loses right to urine test option.   These laws also expand one's right to text while driving when hands-free or voice-operated, California DUI Attorneys announce.

These new Caliofrnia DUI - related laws take effect January 1, 2013: 

1)  DUI Driving Under the Influence (AB 2020, Pan) The law no longer allows a person who 
has been arrested and is suspected of driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs, the 
option of a urine test.  Prior to this change, a person had the option of submitting either 
urine or blood to determine the drug content of their blood. 

2) Electronic Wireless Communications (AB 1536, Miller) This law allows California 
drivers to use hands-free technology to talk and text while driving.  This will require the 
use of a device that is specifically designed and configured to allow voice-operated and 
hands-free operation to dictate, send or listen to a text-based communication.  The device 
is required to also be used in a voice-operated, hands-free manner to be in compliance 
with the law. 

3) Charter-Party Carriers of Passengers:  Alcoholic Beverages:  Open Containers (AB 
45, Chesbro) This new law prohibits underage drinking in charter-party carriers (limos, 
buses, etc.) and makes the carrier and driver responsible for communicating this to their 
passengers.  The law also requires a designee, who is at least 25 years of age, to be 
present whenever there are passengers who are under 21 years of age on board the 
vehicle and alcohol is being transported.  The designee shall be responsible for ensuring 
the rules are followed, and the safety of the underage passengers throughout the duration 
of the trip.   

Monday, December 17, 2012

California DUI CHP Cops make good money - Chief makes $483,000, California Drunk Driving lawyers report


California DUI attorneys know how much money DUI cops pull in.  It's all about the 'OT' (overtime) to many of the San Diego Police Department officer who are part of the DUI enforcement unit, say California DUI lawyers.  A story was done by San Diego County DUI Law Center's attorney Rick Mueller on November 28, 2012 about how much $ MADD makes.  Big bucks.

The main CHP cop draws $483+ K. In 2011, the California Highway Patrol division chief retired at the age of fifty-three, on a pretty penny.  That's right. 

Jeff Talbott is the highest-paid police officer in the 12 most-populous U.S. states, collecting $483,581 in salary, pension and other compensation, reports BloombergThe California Highway Patrol boss made $280,259 for accrued leave and vacation time.   That's not all.  He got a new job running the public-safety department at a private university in Southern California. He then began collecting an annual pension of $174,888 from the state.
California Governor Brown granted state workers collective-bargaining rights during his first tenure as governor more than three decades ago.  Brown made reducing pension costs for new state employees a priority after his return to the office last year. He left intact most retirement benefits for current workers.
“Governor Brown is busy fixing the many problems that he inherited from past administrations,” said Gareth Lacy, a spokesman for the governor. “California’s $26 billion budget deficit, and the decades-old structural imbalance, was eliminated in large part by cutting waste and slashing costs. The governor also achieved historic reforms to public pensions and workers’ compensation that will save the state billions of dollars.”
California’s highest-paid state troopers make far more than those in other states, with overtime and lump-sum payouts that inflate earnings, data compiled by Bloomberg show. They also enjoy a retirement benefit that allows them to leave after 30 years with annual pensions totaling 90 percent of their salaries, a standard that became the model for police departments throughout the state.
While more than 5,000 California troopers made at least $100,000 in 2011, only three in North Carolina did, the data show. Talbott’s $483,581 in total pay -- adding six months of his $174,888 annual pension, based on his June 30, 2011, retirement date -- is almost four times as much as the $122,950 collected by the top-paid officer in North Carolina, a commander, the data show. Talbott declined a request to be interviewed, said Patty Zurita, communications manager at the University of the Redlands in Redlands, California, where he now works.

“It’s a supervisory issue,” said Lieutenant Steve Lockhart, the benefits officer for the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, whose employees aren’t unionized. “We just don’t allow our employees to claim that kind of time. By giving them comp time, we give them their time off rather than paying them.”

The gold-standard payroll and pension packages for the California Highway Patrol date to the late 1990s and early 2000s. That’s when the department’s union lobbied for and won the 90 percent pension benefit and regular pay that, by statute, is linked to an average of the five largest law-enforcement agencies in the state, including Los Angeles.
The administration of Democratic Governor Gray Davis, who was recalled by voters in 2003, backed those changes. The biggest U.S. pension fund, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, also advocated for the pension upgrade.

“You had very strong, influential unions that were very supportive politically, very popular to the public and were very effective at inside lobbying, making their case to the Legislature,” Loren Kaye, president of the California Foundation for Commerce and Education in Sacramento and a trade and commerce undersecretary for former Republican Governor Pete Wilson, said in a telephone interview.

The California Association of Highway Patrolmen, the troopers’ union, won additional concessions during the administration of Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who succeeded Davis.
Beginning in 2006, highway patrol officers were also granted a stipend equal to 3.5 percent of their base pay to compensate them for time spent on pre- and post-shift activities, such as donning protective gear and inspecting weapons and vehicles. That same year, the state doubled the amount of extra pay officers earned for working swing and night shifts.
The consequences today are payroll and pension costs that strain California’s budget.

Connie and Vincent Lambres, who were husband-and-wife highway patrol sergeants in Sacramento County, collected $745,947 in overtime from 2005 through 2011, data provided by the state show. Connie Lambres retired last year with a lump-sum payout of $64,729 and Vincent retired in 2010, collecting a lump-sum payout of $132,283 and another $45,727 in 2011. Reached by telephone, Vincent Lambres declined to comment.

Two other retiring officers last year, including Talbott, received portions of their regular salary, checks for unused vacation time and the first installments of lifetime annual pensions, even as they took new jobs outside government. Their earnings of about $484,000 and $392,000, including pensions, compared with about $276,400 in pay and retirement benefits for the top trooper outside California, a retiring officer in PennsylvaniaJohn Rice. Rice, who took another job as safety director for a regional bus company, didn’t return phone calls seeking comment.

Besides Talbott, 44 California patrol officers earned more than $200,000 in 2011, compared with nine in other states - five in Pennsylvania and four in Illinois, according to the data.

California Highway Patrol officers earned $82.4 million in overtime last year, almost triple the $27.5 million overtime paid in Texas, the second most-populous U.S. state. California Officer Bryce Perry topped the list with $93,795 in overtime, nearly as much as his $96,105 regular salary. Perry didn’t respond to messages left at his home seeking comment.
Boosting of pay and benefits was intended to attract candidates to the California Highway Patrol.
The CHP union had pressed for an across-the-board pay increase while Davis pushed back, telling state workers raises would have to be postponed as he grappled with a ballooning budget deficit.
The union agreed to forgo an immediate pay boost in exchange for the Legislature requiring that pay be linked to an average of the state’s five biggest law enforcement agencies.

Highway patrol compensation in California shot higher in the years that followed. Officers’ pay rose 2.7 percent in fiscal 2004, 12.1 percent in fiscal 2005 and 5.6 percent and 5.7 percent in the ensuing years, according to the independent Legislative Analyst’s Office.

“At the time we accomplished our biggest gains, I actually felt I was losing the recruitment war,”Jon Hamm, the union’s chief executive, said in a statement. “I think it is clear that when our biggest gains were negotiated I did not feel they were ‘excessive;’ in fact, almost the opposite was true.”
The 1999 pension benefit granting highway patrol officers 90 percent of their salaries after 30 years of service, signed by then-governor Davis and approved by the Legislature, was subsequently copied by cities and counties throughout California. As a result, many California municipalities are now hobbled by retiree obligations that consume 10 percent or more of their budgets.

“I signed the bill because Calpers persuaded the Legislature and my administration that these benefits were totally supportable by projected investment earnings, there would be no increase in the contributions by the employer -- meaning the state -- and that Calpers was 90 percent funded and that’s well above full funding,” Davis said in a telephone interview.

In North Carolina, pensions are calculated based on a formula of 1.82 percent per year of service after 30 years of work -- leading to far lower costs than in California, the highway patrol’s Lockhart said. North Carolina state troopers aren’t represented by a union because collective bargaining isn’t permitted in the state, he said.

For the California Highway Patrol, the retirement formula will change for new employees starting in January, to a pension of 2 percent per year of service at age 50 or 2.7 percent at age 57. Current employees receive 3 percent at age 50, except those hired after Sept. 1, 2010, who get 3 percent at age 55, highway patrol spokeswoman Fran Clader said.

California’s pension benefits and top lump-sum payouts to retiring highway patrol officers dwarf those in other states for which Bloomberg assembled data. Yet troopers elsewhere do get such payments -- derided as “boat checks” by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie because some of them are big enough to buy yachts -- and retire young enough to take second jobs.
In Pennsylvania, Terry L. Seilhamer, 62, a former area commander, received $171,995 for unused sick and vacation days when he retired last year, the eighth-highest such payout among the 12 U.S. states in the Bloomberg data.
David L. McNulty, 57, a former administrator in New York’s plainclothes detective division, got a lump-sum payout of $33,565, according to the New York state comptroller. He got an annual pension of $112,400, to Seilhamer’s $75,494.

Now both men have new government jobs. Seilhamer is a police chief in the Pittsburgh suburb of Jackson Township, which pays him $74,595 a year, plus $625 a month for opting out of the municipal health-insurance plan. He didn’t return phone calls and e-mails seeking comment.

McNulty, President Barack Obama’s choice as U.S. Marshal for the Northern District of New York, was sworn in July 20, 2011, the day after he retired as a trooper. He is paid $95,000 to $98,000 a year, he said.
“I consider myself very lucky to have been able to move on and retire, but still keep busy and still keep employed, and have such a good job and work with such great people,” McNulty said in a telephone interview.
After California, Pennsylvania state troopers posted the largest lump-sum retirement payouts in data compiled by Bloomberg. They are entitled to cash out a maximum of 410 sick and 60 vacation days when they leave their department. In 2011, more than 200 Pennsylvania troopers were paid a total of $12.7 million in lump-sum payments, with an average payout of $62,254. Thirty-three officers received more than $100,000, and six got in excess of $150,000.

New York limits leave payouts to 30 vacation days and 200 sick days. Of the sick time, a maximum of 165 days may be converted to credits toward health-insurance costs, and the remaining hours are reimbursed at a reduced dollar amount. The policy kept a lid on 2011 lump sums, with $3 million going to 181 officers. The largest check was $40,678, data show.

In California, Talbott, who retired last June, took a job the following month as director of public safety at the University of Redlands. The university declined to release his pay.
Talbott’s former colleague James P. Leonard, 51, was the second-highest paid trooper in the country when he retired last year, collecting earnings of about $392,000, including salary, pension and a lump-sum payout of $201,555, according to data provided by the state controller and Calpers.

A month after retiring last June, Leonard took a job as an investigator at PG&E Corp. (PCG), owner of California’s largest utility, according to his LinkedIn profile. Brittany McKannay, a PG&E spokeswoman, declined to say what he earns or to provide an investigator’s salary range. Leonard didn’t respond to an interview request conveyed to him through McKannay.

Leonard in 2010 filed a workers’ compensation claim based on heart trouble from “28 years of cumulative stress and strain of employment.” He was awarded $21,965, less an attorney’s fee of $3,250, according to his claim paperwork.
Asked about the lump-sum payouts, Morgenstern, the state’s labor secretary, said such outsized checks based on unused leave and vacation time shouldn’t be permitted.
“There are rules that said they should be forced to use that time,” Morgenstern said. “They didn’t use that time. And over the years, controls did not exist or were not implemented to make them use that time and instead they took these huge and inappropriate payouts.”

The highway patrol’s backlog of vacation and leave time is declining, spokeswoman Clader said in an e-mailed response to questions.

“The department has continued to reduce vacation/annual leave accumulations, which may accrue over many years,” Clader said. “The department has seen a significant reduction in the number of employees over their cap in the last three years.”
Paying 1.5 times regular salary as overtime is less expensive than hiring new officers because those positions would include additional benefit costs, Clader said. The majority of overtime funded by the department accumulates during mandatory court appearances, she said.
An officer can’t work more than 16.5 hours straight, and daily limits are strictly enforced, according to the department.

The base pay for a California Highway Patrol officer starts at $67,764 a year, with 5 percent annual increases until reaching $84,036, according to the agency’s website. In North Carolina, a trooper’s starting salary is about $34,000 a year, Lockhart said. All state employees got a 1.2 percent pay raise this year, the first in four years, he said.

California’s high compensation levels relative to other states are the fault of public officials who approved pay and benefit changes without adequately considering their long-term costs, saidDavid Crane, a public policy lecturer at Stanford University and a Democrat who was an economic adviser to Schwarzenegger.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Friday night California DUI checkpoints are all over the south and north, California DUI lawyers report. In east San Diego California county, December 15, 2012, San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Lemon Grove Station staged a California DUI and driver's license checkpoint around 7900 Broadway Ave, say California DUI attorneys

Friday night California DUI checkpoints are all over the south and north, California DUI lawyers report.  In east San Diego California county, December 15, 2012,  San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Lemon Grove Station staged a California DUI and driver's license checkpoint around 7900 Broadway Ave, say California DUI attorneys.

The small amount of money generated from a handful drunk driving busts could not have exceeded the cost of this expensive California DUI checkpoint, lawyers believe.

 435 vehicles were checked during the operation of the checkpoint, resulting in a total of 4 San Diego California DUI arrests, attorneys are told.

 Its so-called purpose of San Diego California drunk driving checkpoint allegedly or ideally was intended for a safer driving environment by supposedly eliminating drunk drivers at least on Broadway Ave. and/or unlicensed drivers from the Broadway Lemon Grove Avenue.

This California DUI operation may or may not have been constitutionally operated.  That will be determined in time by aggressive drunk driving defense attorneys flushing out the state-required criteria.

Questions, problems or comments regarding this San Diego California DUI Checkpoint may be brought to the attention of  Sergeant H. Taft, of the San Diego Sheriff's Department Lemon Grove Station Traffic Unit 619-337-2000.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

San Diego Police Department has a special "DUI Enforcement Team" which is trained to detect and apprehend possible California DUI drivers

If you compare the resources of DUI criminal defense lawyers or California DUI attorneys with that of the highly-funded and vast California DUI prosecution network, you will find a great disparity.  After an arrest, it often seems like an entire, unlimited drunk driving enforcement and prosecution effort against a California DUI lawyer.
For example, the San Diego Police Department features a strongly-financed DUI Enforcement Team which pays its officers handsomely for overtime work spent writing California DUI arrest reports, working at drunk driving checkpoints, testifying in court and at the California DMV and related work. 
This San Diego Police Department team's goal is to minimize alcohol-related and/or drug-related accidents. This SDPD team's primary operation focuses on the zealous detection and vigoroug apprehension of San Diego California drivers suspected of being "DUI", i.e. "driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs."
SDPD maintains all San Diego officers on the DUI team enjoyed extra training on the so-called detection and apprehension of DUI drivers in California.
1 expensive technique the San Diego DUI Team utilizes is DUI sobriety checkpoints and roadblocks.  These locations can be found at this San Diego County DUI Law Center free website maintained by attorney Rick Mueller.  
According to the SDPD's website, San Diego California checkpoints are supposed to increase public awareness and educate people about possible hazards of DUI or driving while drunk.  San Diego California DUI checkpoints are operated at different locations - often secret locations designed to trap motorists - throughout City of San Diego California.  At Christmas 2012 and New Year's 2013, these operations increase.  

Friday, December 14, 2012

To help avoid a California DUI or San Diego drunk driving charge this weekend, lawyers remind that you should always remember to make sure all of the equipment on your vehicle is working correctly before you drive

San Diego County DUI Law Center's Rick Mueller was the attorney who got 2 California DUI charges dismissed this week.

In the first case, a resident of Texas was stopped while driving into a San Diego California DUI checkpoint.  After trying to do some gymnastics and related Field Sobriety Tests, a blood test showing over the California drunk driving legal limit of .08%, his California DUI lawyer investigated the lack of constitutionality of the San Diego Police Department checkpoint location and operation.  The accused is now legally driving once again without a California DUI on his record.

In the second case, a San Diego lifeguard was stopped by the California Highway Patrol for an equipment violation.  Both the hand-held gadget and the big breath test machine registered two results each over the California DUI legal limit of .08%.  The accused allegedly failed to perform the acrobatics to the CHP officer's (subjective) satisfaction.  Thanks to this San Diego DUI attorney, the freed man can again drive lawfully in California without the stigma of a California DUI.

To help avoid a California DUI or San Diego drunk driving charge this weekend, lawyers remind that you should always remember to make sure all of the equipment on your vehicle is working correctly before you drive:

1. Headlights
2. Taillights
3. License plate lights
4. Turn signals
5. Current license plate registration and tabs
6. No unlawful tinted windows
7. Any special vehicle equipment.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The "Holiday Watch" operations of the San Diego Sheriff's Department in California is looking for DUI drivers and other crimes, attorneys warn

Christmas means crime in California, DUI lawyers are told.  In San Diego, the Sheriff’s Department moves forward with a Holiday Watch operations, California DUI attorneys reminds the public.

Last weekend, the Vista Sheriff’s Station of San Diego California staged a special detail which included a command post outside the Food 4 Less on Hacienda Drive. Deputies and Crime Prevention Specialists were on hand and spoke to peopleabout ways they can avoid becoming a victim of a crime this holiday season.

Members of the Senior Volunteer Patrol or SVP patrolled parking lots to ensure cars were locked and valuables were not left in plain sight. A mangled SUV used in Sheriff’s Start Smart classes for new teen drivers was on display to remind people of the deadly consequences of California DUI or drunk driving, lawyers are told.

San Diego DUI Deputies of the Vista Station’s Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving or COPPS and Gang Enforcement Team engaged in police patrols in marked and unmarked cars. Vista California’s Holiday Watch Operation resulted in the following arrests:

 1 juvenile and 1 adult for felony vandalism , commercial burglary and gang enhancement
 2 adults for felony possession of narcotics substance, possession of sales and transportation of
narcotics substance
 1 adult for California DUI
 2 adults for trespassing on rail road tracks
 1 adult for resisting a peace officer
 1 adult for being drunk in public

Vista California's Superior Court will likely preside over these matters, say local DUI attorneys.

California DUI Traffic Deputies from California gave 5 citations for various violations while 2 vehicles were impounded in traffic stops.

See this video of Vista’s Holiday Watch Operation at This YouSendIt file will expire on December 23rd.  Photos are viewable at the San Diego Sheriff's Department on Facebook:

Upcoming San Diego California DUI and Crime Holiday Watch events:

4:00 p.m. to midnight

1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. with SKYWATCH

2:00 p.m. to midnight

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What walks like a drunk, smells like a drunk, talks like a drunk and orders a beer like a drunk, attorneys ask? A "drunk," lawyers ask? No. A San Diego California DUI decoy set to "educate" local bars!

What does $100,000 in California state funds get you, DUI attorneys wonder?  How can you spend state money to pretend you are a drunk driver looking for a drink, San Diego California DUI lawyers ask?

Are there better ways to enforce California laws than act like you are a DUI driver going into bars seeing if you'll get served, attorneys inquire?

On Saturday, San Diego County Sheriff's DUI Deputies & California Alcoholic Beverage Control agents staged a DUI / drunk decoy operation in the Imperial Beach and Bonita California areas, attorneys are told.

An undercover San Diego Sheriff's DUI Deputy was sprayed down with alcohol to smell like an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person.

The drunk San Diego decoy went to ABC California licensed businesses, pretending to be intoxicated, purportedly showing signs or symptoms of a drunk, and attempting to buy beer or booze.

When the sale was complete, plain clothes deputies re-entered the bars and made contact with the individual who completed the sale.  No enforcement action was taken.  Plain clothes deputies and ABC Agents educated the licensees and/or employees and provided informational handouts on over-service prevention.

Out of 11 businesses, 6 locations actually sold to the California drunk decoy.

California DUI- simulated, San Diego drunk-posing operations continue throughout 2013 or until money runs out. San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has $100,000 to spend, thanks to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, dui lawyers say . The money is to be spent in the communities patrolled by the Sheriff’s Department to focus on alcohol related-crimes and educate ABC-licensed businesses, California DUI attorneys are told.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

How a friday night in San Diego county can lead to Felony California DUI charges if alcohol is involved in a serious accident causing major injuries, attorneys warn

A suspected serious DUI accident took place in North San Diego County at 11:54 PM Friday Night December 7, 2012, at Mar Vista Drive and Thibodo Road, Vista, California, attorneys are told.

San Diego Sheriff's Department Vista Traffic & California DUI police units responded around midnight to an injury accident involving a Toyota RAV-4 which was allegedly traveling at high speed on Thibodo Road, local DUI defense lawyers are told by the San Diego Sheriff's Department.

The driver of the Toyota apparently lost control and rolled over, hitting a number of trees alongside Mar Vista Drive.

The driver and passenger were transported to Palomar Medical Center for evaluation and treatment of their injuries.  Unfortunately, the passenger in the Toyota sustained serious injuries.

Alcohol and/or drunk driving is suspected to be a factor in the San Diego California accident.  And not just because it was almost midnight on a friday night.

The purported San Diego California DUI investigation continues, lawyers are told.  If prosecuting DUI attorneys in the North Judicial Division of San Diego Superior Court files drunk driving charges, it will be a FELONY.

This is another reason not to drink any alcohol before driving a vehicle this holiday season, say attorneys.

Dallas Cowboys Defensive Lineman Josh Brent was arrested early Saturday morning on charges of intoxicated manslaughter.

Practice squad, University of Illinois teammate & Cowboy teammate OLB Jerry Brown was killed in the crash as the passenger in Brent's car. Brent allegedly was traveling at a high rate of speed then hit a curb and flipped his car. Brent was taken to the hospital for a DUI blood test. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Tips & Warnings on avoiding a California DUI during San Diego's holiday season and attorney checkpoint location list

Please do not allow DUI ruin your holiday in San Diego California, attorneys warn.

Prior to attending a holiday party, figure out how to get yourself and your party home safely, San Diego DUI lawyers suggest.

Choose a driver who is not drinking alcoholic beverages.  Or have the local California cab phone numbers ready.  Or maybe stay at the party.  Always put a sleeping bag and pillow in your trunk.

If you see someone who is drinking, do them a $10,000.00 + savings favor and do not permit her or him to drive.  Take his or her keys.

San Diego California DUI "Avoid the 15" Task Force shall keep this strategy in check as they will put any DUI drivers in jail.

This California drunk driving enforcement crackdown in San Diego county begins 1 week from today, December 14th - January 1st.

Police will stage DUI/Driver License Checkpoints, DUI saturation patrols, a multi‐agency DUI Task force strike team patrol, and a DUI Warrant sweep, warn San Diego lawyers.  All available DUI cops and drunk driving deputies will work the 2 maximum California DUI enforcement periods known as Christmas and New Year's Weekends, say attorneys in San Diego.

Here's your preliminary San Diego California DUI warning agenda, updated here when locations are known:

Dec. 14   DUI Checkpoints, Vista and Santee California: 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.
Dec. 15   DUI Warrant Sweep, South Bay California
Dec. 15   Drunk Driving Checkpoints, Lemon Grove and Encinitas California: 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.
Dec. 20   DUI Saturation Patrol for the Poinsettia Bowl California: 5:00 p.m. to midnight
Dec. 21   DUI / Drunk Driving Checkpoint San Marcos California: 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.
Dec. 22   DUI / Drunk Driving Checkpoint Rancho San Diego (AVOID) California: 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.
Dec. 28   DUI / Drunk Driving Checkpoints, Poway and Imperial Beach California: 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.
Dec. 29   Sobriety Checkpoint Chula Vista California: 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.
Dec. 30   DUI Saturation Patrol San Diego Chargers/Raiders game: 5:00 p.m. to midnight
Dec. 31   DUI Saturation Patrol, San Diego Sheriff's Department contract cities: San Marcos, Vista, Poway, Encinitas, Lemon Grove, Imperial Beach, and Santee, California.

Please email with DUI checkpoint locations in San Diego California.

Monday, December 3, 2012

CHP shoots & kills unarmed San Diego suspect

Bad things happen after 2:30 in the morning in California, lawyers warn.  After midnight on a saturday night is  one of the worst times to be driving in San Diego as CHP DUI cops are out looking for drunk drivers and are going to pull you over for speeding or driving erratically, attorneys know.

See if you believe this "police story."

Early sunday morning after Saturday night in East San Diego County, 27 year old Anthony Osorio of Crest California was driving his 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe eastbound on I-8.

California Highway Patrol DUI officers tried to pull him over for alleged "speeding" and "erratic driving" (common reasons for stopping a suspected DUI driver at late times on weekends but sometimes misinterpreted by law enforcement) not far from El Cajon Blvd. exit.

He allegedly did not yield.  (Maybe he did not observe the CHP's attempts to stop him?)

The California Highway Patrol drunk driving officers allegedly pursued him at speeds up to 95 mph.

Upon getting off at Greenfield "accelerating" to 80 mph, suspect Osorio swerved onto La Cresta Road but lost control.  The Tahoe rolled over one time.  The Tahoe was on its wheels when Osorio got out of the vehicle.

The California Highway Patrol DUI officers claim to have ordered the suspect to stop and raise his hands.

The California Highway Patrol DUI cops maintain the alone suspect Osorio "made movements leading the officers to believe he was reaching for a weapon while he was advancing at him."

The California Highway Patrol officer are also taking the position that they "feared" the suspect Mr. Osorio "would shoot them" (even though though there was no evidence of any weapon).

So 1 or more of the California Highway Patrol DUI officers fired "at unknown number of rounds" at the suspect.

He died instantly.

Fortunately no police were injured.

No California Highway Patrol DUI officers were shot at either, as there's no evidence of any weapons in the suspect's possession or vehicle.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the San Diego County Sheriff's Department Homicide Detail at (858) 974-2321/after hours at (858) 565-5200 or Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-TIPS(8477) as requrested by Glenn Giannantonio, Lieutenant.

The investigation is ongoing.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Demarcus Dobbs is the 2nd San Francisco California 49ers defender to be arrested this year, San Diego DUI lawyers say

Party.  Party.  Party.  NFL style.

Demarcus Dobbs is the 2nd San Francisco California 49ers defender to be arrested this year, San Diego DUI lawyers say.
In January 2012, NFL sack leader Aldon Smith got popped for DUI in Miami, California drunk driving defense attorneys are told.  Fortunately, Smith qualified in Florida for a program to reduce the charge to reckless driving.   He also was stabbed at a house party in June and was involved in a rollover car accident in September.
Now, SF backup defensive end  Dobbs was arrested for California drunk driving yesterday after he was involved in a solo vehicle accident with his 2011 Caddy.  He was also charged with marijuana possession.
The alleged California DUI accident happened around 3:45 a.m. on southbound San Tomas Expressway in Santa Clara, where the 49ers have their practices.  He was not hurt, and no one else was in the car.  Dobbs agreed to a chemical test, the results of which are presently unknown.
Dobbs will not travel to St. Louis to play for Coach Harbaugh.  Dobbs made the squad in 2011 after going undrafted out of Georgia, plays defensive end and tight end and is an important member of the 49ers' special teams.

Read more here:

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