Saturday, December 29, 2012

Don't you love it when the overzealous Government wastes thousands of dollars in money on a California DUI checkpoint that turned up no arrests, lawyers ask? Poway California did that last night, going 0 for 2,498 with no drunk driving arrests, California DUI attorneys are told!

A small fortune is spent by the police in setting up a place where they can shoot the shit, share donuts and sip coffee rather than patrol the roads of California like they were trained to do, DUI attorneys relate.  They do this in hopes of kicking back like a spider who spun a web, hoping to trap the small guy who is just driving along trying to get home but finds himself stuck in a trap, California DUI lawyers suggest.

In Poway California last night, at what was supposed to be some revenue-generating drunk driving police idea, turned out to be a 7 1/2 hour waste of patrol time and taxpayer money.   On 12/28/12 from 7:00 PM to 2:30 AM, DUI deputies from San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Poway Station set up donuts & coffee at a friday night DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint for westbound traffic at 13000 Poway Road.

Poways's DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint trapped 2,498 vehicles but resulted in NO DUI ARRESTS.

If you went 0 for 2,498, would you still have a job?

To make it look like they were earning their huge overtime paycheck, 674 vehicles were unnecessarily screened in the primary California DUI checkpoint inspection area.

16 vehicles' drivers' time were wasted upon being sent to the secondary drunk driving and license screening area so the driver could have their license status checked.

With no drunk driivng arrests arising out of this unjustified California DUI checkpoint, one must ask if those officers could have been used elsewhere?

5 citations were issued for driving without a valid driver's license which could be anything from California Vehicle Code section 12951 or 12500 to 14601 et.seq.  That's chump change for San Diego Superior Court or just fix-it tickets in some instances.