Friday, December 21, 2012

New substitute for proof of California Insurance - on your phone, say California DUI lawyers / Reminder of rights & tips to do if stopped Christmas weekend

If you are stopped this Christmas holiday weekend after attending a social event where alcohol was served and ingested, California DUI attorneys wish to remind you to remember all you have to do is give the police officer proof of:

1.  California (or other state) driver's license.
2.  California (or other state) proof of registration.
3.  California (or other state) proof of insurance.

A.  You do not have to answer any questions about drinking and driving or any questions, remind California DUI lawyers.

B.  You do not have to perform any voluntary field coordination tests or acrobatics.

C.  You do not have to blow in any hand-held breath test gadget (unless under 21 or on California DUI probation).

D.  You do not have to get out of the car unless you are being arrested.

As far as insurance, there's a new California bill around the new year:

AB1708: Electronic Proof of Insurance – California already requires drivers to carry evidence that their vehicles are insured. 

AB1708 authorizes insurers to issue electronic verification of insurance coverage to mobile devices that drivers can present to law enforcement officers in lieu of a paper or plastic insurance card.

For tips on what to do or not to do, visit the San Diego County DUI Law Center's "Tips to minimize your risk of being convicted of a California DUI."