Sunday, December 23, 2012

Oceanside California police Bust cute Bunny, "End of the World Parties" wind down, San Diego DUI lawyers convey

Oceanside California police look like they bust cute bunny, possibly near an "End of the World Party" for San Diego DUI, attorneys are shown.

Handcuffed after being stopped late at night based on drunk driving police hunch or suspicion, a pretty lady allegedly failed roadside California DUI tests.  Gorgeous girl looks back at the talented cameraman, perhaps hoping a "bail-out" call will be made, if needed, e.g., to one of Hugh's California DUI lawyers "on call" at the San Diego County DUI Law Center.

When not working, bunnies enjoy sunbathing on the piano keys at one of his mansion's pools.

Oceanside California harbor has lots of boats in North San Diego County.  A pretty lady earlier in the day worked on the rescue boat which had just finished saving these reindeer lost in transit to the North Pole, just a few days before Christmas.

Oceanside California was the home for legendary former USC and San Diego Chargers star, Junior Seau.