Friday, December 28, 2012

San Diego County's DUI checkpoint begin in Poway, Imperial Beach, El Cajon & Escondido tonight, California DUI attorneys warn, and Saturday in San Diego, lawyers are told

In the far south metropolitan area of California, the San Diego County DUI Law Center has provided a terrific free southern California DUI attorney service to the public all year.  Informing motorists of the locations of DUI and drunk driving roadblocks & checkpoints is helpful for those California drivers electing to consume alcohol and drive a vehicle in San Diego County, California DUI Lawyers say.  California DUI attorneys warned drivers of a number of these drunk driving roadblocks a few weeks ago in this published article.

Tonight, Escondido and Poway DUI police in northern San Diego County, Imperial Beach sheriff's in western San Diego county and El Cajon drunk driving police in eastern San Diego County have scheduled DUI checkpoints.  Both locations are presently secret and are designed to surprise motorists who may otherwise wish to avoid entry into the drunk driving roadblocks, attorneys say.  If you know of the location of either, please email or text San Diego California DUI lawyer Rick Mueller (619) 218-2997.

The El Cajon DUI checkpoint begins early at 6:00 p.m. Friday, December 28th.  It is presently scheduled for about 9 hours long.

Saturday night, December 29th, the San Diego Police Department DUI unit will set up drunk driving checkpoints sometime around 9:00 p.m. and going about six and a half hours.  Again the locations are secret.    If you know of the location of either, please email or text San Diego DUI attorney Rick Mueller (619) 218-2997.

Saturday there is a checkpoint planned in Chula Vista at an undisclosed location.

Monday night, the San Diego Police Department will have secret DUI checkpoint locations for New Year's Eve, beginning around nine.