Saturday, December 15, 2012

San Diego Police Department has a special "DUI Enforcement Team" which is trained to detect and apprehend possible California DUI drivers

If you compare the resources of DUI criminal defense lawyers or California DUI attorneys with that of the highly-funded and vast California DUI prosecution network, you will find a great disparity.  After an arrest, it often seems like an entire, unlimited drunk driving enforcement and prosecution effort against a California DUI lawyer.
For example, the San Diego Police Department features a strongly-financed DUI Enforcement Team which pays its officers handsomely for overtime work spent writing California DUI arrest reports, working at drunk driving checkpoints, testifying in court and at the California DMV and related work. 
This San Diego Police Department team's goal is to minimize alcohol-related and/or drug-related accidents. This SDPD team's primary operation focuses on the zealous detection and vigoroug apprehension of San Diego California drivers suspected of being "DUI", i.e. "driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs."
SDPD maintains all San Diego officers on the DUI team enjoyed extra training on the so-called detection and apprehension of DUI drivers in California.
1 expensive technique the San Diego DUI Team utilizes is DUI sobriety checkpoints and roadblocks.  These locations can be found at this San Diego County DUI Law Center free website maintained by attorney Rick Mueller.  
According to the SDPD's website, San Diego California checkpoints are supposed to increase public awareness and educate people about possible hazards of DUI or driving while drunk.  San Diego California DUI checkpoints are operated at different locations - often secret locations designed to trap motorists - throughout City of San Diego California.  At Christmas 2012 and New Year's 2013, these operations increase.