Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What walks like a drunk, smells like a drunk, talks like a drunk and orders a beer like a drunk, attorneys ask? A "drunk," lawyers ask? No. A San Diego California DUI decoy set to "educate" local bars!

What does $100,000 in California state funds get you, DUI attorneys wonder?  How can you spend state money to pretend you are a drunk driver looking for a drink, San Diego California DUI lawyers ask?

Are there better ways to enforce California laws than act like you are a DUI driver going into bars seeing if you'll get served, attorneys inquire?

On Saturday, San Diego County Sheriff's DUI Deputies & California Alcoholic Beverage Control agents staged a DUI / drunk decoy operation in the Imperial Beach and Bonita California areas, attorneys are told.

An undercover San Diego Sheriff's DUI Deputy was sprayed down with alcohol to smell like an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his person.

The drunk San Diego decoy went to ABC California licensed businesses, pretending to be intoxicated, purportedly showing signs or symptoms of a drunk, and attempting to buy beer or booze.

When the sale was complete, plain clothes deputies re-entered the bars and made contact with the individual who completed the sale.  No enforcement action was taken.  Plain clothes deputies and ABC Agents educated the licensees and/or employees and provided informational handouts on over-service prevention.

Out of 11 businesses, 6 locations actually sold to the California drunk decoy.

California DUI- simulated, San Diego drunk-posing operations continue throughout 2013 or until money runs out. San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has $100,000 to spend, thanks to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, dui lawyers say . The money is to be spent in the communities patrolled by the Sheriff’s Department to focus on alcohol related-crimes and educate ABC-licensed businesses, California DUI attorneys are told.