Monday, January 14, 2013

25 San Diego drivers unnecessarily inconvenienced for false California DUI cop suspicions, lawyers believe

Only 1 California DUI arrest was made at southern San Diego county's Chula Vista drunk driving saturation  patrol this weekend, local criminal defense attorneys are told.  And the city considers this a success!

Forty-two cars were lit up and detained by California DUI cops fishing for San Diego drunks, lawyers say.

1 for 42.  Wow.  To harass motorists based on mere suspicion or hunch is not only against the law, it's a waste of time. It's certainly an inconvenience to those 41 who were not DUI.

Sure they also got a guy for pot.  (He probably had a legal prescription anyway!)

15 of the others were cited for California vehicle code citations.  No DUI or San Diego drunk driving, attorneys insist.

So what does that say about the 25 or 26 other drivers who were not cited?  They probably will not sue because of the time and expense.  So these cops will get away with something.....again!