Monday, January 7, 2013

"Should I hire a 'Former Prosecutor' as my San Diego California DUI Lawyer?"

"Should I hire a 'Former Prosecutor' as my San Diego California DUI Attorney?"  That is a fair question.

Many California lawyers handle drunk driving cases in San Diego.   Attorneys can be "defense lawyers" or "prosecutors."   In every California DUI case, there is a prosecutor and a defense attorney.

One lawyer "prosecutes" DUI cases, trying to convict the person.

The other lawyer "defends" the drunk driving charges, trying to have the person acquitted.

So what happens when DUI prosecuting attorneys become DUI defense lawyers in California?

These California lawyers now in private practice often advertise as "former prosecutors."  They hope people will think that someone helps.

These California attorneys point to handling hundreds if not thousands of criminal cases or trials including DUI prosecutions.

The question is, should YOU hire a FORMER PROSECUTOR as your CALIFORNIA DUI ATTORNEY?

Keep in mind the job of a California DUI criminal defense lawyer is completely different from that of a California DUI prosecuting attorney.

The California prosecutor is in the business destroying accused people and their lives.  So much is at stake and the prosecuting DUI attorney is there to make sure the person is convicted of  DUI, has her or his license suspended, pays fines, suffers penalties, has an ignition interlock device installed, goes to jail, has her or his vehicle impounded, performs public work service program and maybe even loses her or his job in the process.

The California DUI criminal defense lawyer specialist is there to PREVENT this destruction from taking place.  These drunk driving criminal defense attorneys BUILD a case.  Sometimes they start with little or nothing.  They often have negative and difficult pieces to work with.  Now they are ask to create something, maybe even a masterpiece.  It takes time to do this right.

The California DUI attorney prosecutor asks the arresting police officer questions like:

"What happened?  Then what happened?  What happened next?  What did you see?   Where did you see it?...etc. ... So based on that you arrested the defendant for DUI?"

The California DUI defense lawyer must dig and dig, find dirt, find problems with the prosecution's case and share them in a cohesive presentation.

Next time you see a California DUI lawyer advertisement or commercial for a FORMER PROSECUTOR, look for the boast that he or she says they had hundreds of trials or handled thousands of cases.  

Remember their experience is quite different to what folks accused of DUI are looking for in a DEFENSE attorney in California.

For years, these "experienced defense attorneys" handled "hundreds of cases."  They broke the chops of California DUI defendants and destroyed countless lives of those accused of drunk driving.

When they were prosecuting attorneys, they thought nothing of sending a man or woman to jail in California.

Now they have made the change, switched sides, taken on a new title and must somehow magically acquire the mentality to suddenly develop a new habit of creatively building a masterful DEFENSE.

When a person or soldier comes to the U.S. after he defects from another country, does he ever brag about how many United States soldiers he killed while his country was at war with America?