Thursday, February 28, 2013

Disbarment for a California attorney not candid in a DUI manslaughter conviction in a gated community drunk driving accident after the ".18%" California attorney's Bentley hit an 85 year old man walking to a bus with his cane

California DUI lawyers remind attorneys convicted of just a misdemeanor DUI they do not have to self-report to the State.  However, when it's a felony, a hit and run, a death, or moral turpitude, it's a different situation, emphasize California DUI attorneys.

A judge who presides over California State Bar cases recommends disbarment for an alleged "less-than-candid" California attorney with a DUI manslaughter conviction.  The California lawyer's neighbor died in a gated community drunk driving accident after the California attorney's Bentley hit an eighty-five year old man walking to the bus with his cane.

The California attorney did not go to jail for his .18% DUI manslaughter, instead serving ninety days of electronic home detention. Nonetheless, the California State Bar Judge found the requisite "moral turpitude" in order to disbar, based on "not credible" defense claims asserted in California court.

The California lawyer told DUI police the victim was engaged in "a sort of hobbled sprint" and jumped in front of his Bentley.   The windshield got smashed.  The victim was bleeding with a serious head injury.  The California attorney drove apx. 1 mile to the guardhouse seeking help.  The California lawyer apparently could have went to some neighboring homes although it's questionable whether anyone would have been there to answer the door or assist in this senior area.

He told the cops he had 1 beer but apparently had more than that, including vodka.  Leaving the scene + lying to the California DUI cop were 2 facts cited by the deciding Judge.

While conscious shortly after the collision, unfortunately the victim died 3 days after the drunk driving accident.  The California attorney's insurance company settled with the victims' daughters.  It cleverly included a stipulation that the daughters would NOT ask the criminal court that  the California lawyer serve jail.