Friday, February 22, 2013

From DUI Cop of the Year to Unemployed - 400 drunk driving arrests in 1 year was not possible unless DUI Police Reports falsified or conclusions incorrect - lawyers sue

A good chunk of California drivers stopped by San Diego DUI police wonder if the cops really had a legitimate reason to stop them, lawyers are told.

There's a big difference between violating a traffic law and driving just fine, California DUI attorneys remind.

Sometimes drunk driving police cause the California driver to make a mistake.  See this San Diego County DUI Law Center article.

A Utah DUI cop is being sued for purportedly filing incorrect drunk driving reports.  For ten years, Lisa Steed had hounded drivers as a state trooper of the year.   She set records for most DUI arrests.

Lawyers insist on challenging her to save lives and careers of clients otherwise victims of unlawful stops.

It took a number of her DUI cases to get dismissed before the lawsuit was triggered.  Now the lawsuit goes after the Highway Patrol for not questioning her abnormal ability of booking an unrealistically high number of DUI arrests.  Ultimately she was taken off patrol and now is not working for them.

She had four hundred DUI arrests a few years ago as the top Member of the "DUI squad."   That was MORE THAN TWICE AS MUCH DUI arrests than any other highway patrol officer.

She told a reporter her search & stop technique was a "numbers game," meaning that she thought 1 out of every ten drivers she stopped for any purported violation was driving DUI.  She thought the more drivers she stopped, the more it increased her chances of meeting a drunk driver.   So what if it was an unlawful detention to begin with.

She ran into an investigating fellow officer who thought some of her drunk driving bookings made no sense as   arrestees did not have signs of DUI impairment or passed breath tests.  Most of her Drug arrests hinged on "leg & body tremors" or "dilated pupils."

In San Diego, when a California DUI arrest is made without probable cause, a suppression motion can be made.