Monday, February 25, 2013

How to tell a cop "NO THANK YOU" every time requested or asked at a Checkpoint - one video approach, say California DUI attorneys.

February 25, 2013

This is a Public Service Announcement:

There are different approaches on how to handle a checkpoint, say California DUI attorneys.   If you were not able to avoid the roadblock, you can take the approach of this motorist who exercised his right to say "No, thank you," California DUI lawyers point out.

Cops are used to people doing what they say.  They have guns, badges, cones, police cars, flashing lights and other fancy equipment.  Plus they are a pretty big team of guys at these U.S. checkpoints.  "Police presence."  Ooh. Aren't you scared of us?  Comply!  We have guns for crying out loud.

Every time this driver is asked a question or to go to another point, he says "No Thank You."  He repeatedly insists on NOT complying with their requests and not answering their questions.  He just wants to go "free on his way!"

Politely insisting on your right to travel is one approach.  It's THE APPROACH by this gutsy driver.

Lots of San Diego California DUI checkpoint locations are set forth at this free lawyer site service.

California DMV has outlined its California DUI checkpoint policy - see this attorney article.

California's checkpoint laws as far as DUI cases are set forth in this lawyer article.  You're supposed to be able to avoid a checkpoint or have the option to do so, maybe not so much like this guy, though, in this video.

Know your rights.

Stand up for them.