Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Pill lowers one's blood alcohol level, reduces liver damage and helps avoid a DUI asks California attorneys?

So many things go through a California driver's head when he or she leaves the restaurant or bar, DUI lawyers know:

Should I take a mint?
Should I put my cell phone away?
Should I call a taxi?
Should I even drive or will I be arrested for DUI?

Or should I pop a pill?

Today's Nature Nanotechnology says a study was done in the United States on mice which suggests a new PILL which could lower one's alcohol level in his or her blood, California DUI attorneys are told.

Could it cause liver damage?  No.  The pill actually reduces liver damage.

Mice got drunk on alcoholic beverages during the study.  Then they were given enzymes encapsulated in a thin polymer shell.

The findings include that that the blood alcohol level of the mice was reduced by 101% after 45 minutes of feeding the antidote to the mice.  The BAC continued to drop by 318% after 90 minutes and by 368% after 3 hours.

The control group did not get the antidote and had much less declines in blood alcohol levels.

The pill is actually designed to prevent liver damage which may be caused by drinking too much beer or wine.