Monday, March 11, 2013

Put away your cellphone and drive carefully after St. Patrick's Day Weekend celebrations in San Diego California - this leprechaun may not be with you to give you good luck of the Irish!

Be careful this weekend if you are drinking green beer for St. Patrick's Day, California DUI Attorneys warn.

Be especially mindful of the traditional San Diego county drunk driving checkpoints for this holiday weekend,  remind DUI Lawyers in California.  Here's a partial list of some of last year's San Diego California DUI roadblocks.

Cops look to make overtime this weekend so there will be plenty of guns, badges & flashing lights to go around the county of San Diego, California.  Donuts & coffee will flow amongst most San Diego Sheriff's Department DUI deputies and San Diego Police Department OT hounds.

The luck of the leprechaun may not be on your side when you get on your cell phone, go over the idiot bumps, hear the siren and look in your rearview mirror to see the overhead lights of San Diego's finest DUI cops on the prowl.