Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why does it cost so much for a California DUI Attorney?

It's your first DUI in California.  You start wondering if you need a lawyer or if you can apply for a San Diego county public defender attorney for your California DUI.

You begin contacting California DUI drunk driving lawyers.  They seem to cost so much! Specialists can even cost more.

Why are California DUI criminal defense attorney prices as high as they are?!

  • RESULTS.  You want results.  You will pay for results.  It's all about results when it comes to California DUI attorneys!
  • KNOWLEDGE.  How do you think a top California DUI lawyer gets good results.  Because he or she has Special Knowledge in defending drunk driving cases in court and at the DMV.
  • TRAINING.  After 3 years of law school, the real training begins when it comes to California DUI attorneys.   It boils down to lawyers being properly trained at top DUI / DMV seminars in California and throughout the U.S.
  • EXPERIENCE.  To become a well-trained, knowledgeable California DUI attorney, one must have experience.  The # of years is one tell-tale.  The # of victories is another.  Lots of hard work over a long period of time, in the trenches.  Who said the quality things in life were easy or cheap!  
  • DIFFICULTY.  The degree of difficulty in a California DUI or drunk driving case can be the highest degree of difficulty in criminal defense work.
  • ATTITUDE.  You want your California DUI Attorney to have the right attitude.  Understanding it costs alot to reserve the proper California DUI criminal & DMV defense lawyer attitude is the beginning to seeing what it costs so much for effective representation.