Wednesday, April 10, 2013

4 A.M. "Last call"! California to party later into the night, San Diego DUI attorneys ask?

In what will no doubt mean more Overtime $ Pay for San Diego drunk driving Police and California Highway Patrol DUI officers, the state considers adding 2 more hours to Closing Time, lawyers are told.

Many people leaving a 2 a.m. bar find themselves being stopped by the California Highway Patrol, San Diego Sheriff's Department or San Diego Police Department shortly thereafter, California DUI attorneys know.

The recent legislation proposing an additional 2 hours will mean more DUI and drunk driving opportunities for San Diego California, say lawyers.

California State Senator Mark Leno sponsored the bill, maintaining it would increase tourism and revenue for bars and restaurants, more on par with Miami, Vegas & NY who have 4 a.m. closing times.

Problem is some opponents think more folks would drink longer, cause more problems, increase traffic in places like San Diego's Pacific Beach, and increase California DUI police presence while maintaining tourism would not be boosted.  Hard to measure.

The California police departments may ultimately choose to back it, as its DUI officers will make more overtime money from working more hours and writing more drunk driving reports, attorneys suspect.

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This video discusses the 4 am closing time proposal.