Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Marijuana - driving under debate when San Diego CBS showed MADD video in California DUI attorney Rick Mueller's DUI article

It is ok to smoke marijuana and drive, says San Diego California DUI attorney Rick Mueller, as long as you are not driving "under the influence of" that drug.   DUI by marijuana is a question brought up 2 months ago in this California DUI Lawyer Center article by lawyer Rick Mueller.  A Washington toke & drive video was included in the article.

CBS of San Diego looked at this video recently. They showed it to a MADD person in San Diego California, say DUI lawyers raising their eyebrows.

California DUI attorneys know a police officer who stops you gets to determine whether to arrest you based on his or her observations, evaluation and performance on  field acrobatics.

Medical use of marijuana in California is legal, drunk driving attorneys remind.  Non-medical is not.  So you can legally drive if you have a medical prescription to take marijuana as long as you continue to drive with the caution characteristic of a sober person, San Diego California DUI lawyers say.

Here'e some key CBS San Diego California DUI attorney article quotes:

"It's much more difficult to establish a threshold with marijuana, because tolerance plays such a big issue into it," said local San Diego DUI criminal defense lawyer Cole Casey in a CBS article.

"Some marijuana probably won't impair your ability to drive.  An extensive amount of marijuana certainly will impair your ability to drive," said the San Diego California DUI lawyer.
"If you have smoked a little bit of marijuana but you're not unsafe to drive, you should feel free to be able to drive. It should not be a crime simply because you have marijuana in your system," said the San Diego California DUI attorney.