Friday, April 19, 2013

San Diego Police Department Detective pleads guilty to California drunk driving charges, San Diego DUI lawyers are told in press release

Even a cop can get a DUI in California. Today a San Diego Police Department Cop pled guilty to California DUI accident charges, lawyers announce after today's San Diego Union-Tribune publication.  Detective Jeff Blackford will be sentenced in Department 9 of the San Diego Superior Court for his California DUI on April 22nd, attorneys learned today.

Penalties for a California DUI can be severe, criminal defense lawyers remind.  And this San Diego cop was charged with a speeding enhancement.  Going 20 miles per hour or more over the speed limit on a non-freeway at the time of a California DUI can get you a mandatory 60 days, criminal defense attorneys warn.

Certainly Judge Maguire will be addressing the issue of restitution on Monday for the utility box as AT & T was the victim of this San Diego Police Department officer's DUI crash.  These boxes are not cheap.

This case is interesting since there was a huge and unusual delay between the time of this California drunk driving collison and the commencement of a formal DUI investigation, San Diego lawyers remind.  Now 4 other San Diego Police Department cops are under review the by San Diego District Attorneys' Office for possible California DUI cover-up.