Sunday, April 21, 2013

Today's Sunday paper: Mr. Sunday Night Football Al Michaels arrested in Santa Monica for drunk driving, California DUI attorneys announce

A California DUI can happen to anyone, from religious to judicial higher-uppers, lawyers remind.

Today's Sunday paper revealed the broadcaster for Sunday Night Football himself, Al Michaels, was arrested 2 nights ago in Santa Monica for drunk driving, California DUI attorneys report.

A motorist in California is entitled to avoid a DUI checkpoint.  That is what Al was trying to do by turning away from it.  It remains to be seen if the cops' action in pulling him over for trying to exercise his right to avoid the California drunk driving roadblock was unlawful or lawful.

Few details have been provided except he reportedly blew a ".08%" on a breath gadget, California DUI attorneys are told.  There should be a second result but it has not been released yet.  California DUI breath testing can be very questionable and often unreliable, lawyers remind.

NBC knows about the situation of this 68 year old DUI suspect.  His agent is not saying anything.  His Emmy Award is not in jeopardy.

Al was Mr. ABC Sports for almost 30 years before going NBC on us.