Friday, May 17, 2013

MADD Alternative "Victim Impact Panel" allows California DUI lawyers' clients to attend "online"

Attendance at a 1 hour MADD "Victim Impact Panel" makes California DUI attorneys mad.  Why?  California DUI lawyers point out most persons ordered to attend a MADD meeting also have to do a full alcohol program or other court-ordered requirements.

So why allow MADD to profit from the voluntary contribution most people feel compelled to pay?

In San Diego, here's a list of MADD meetings.

There's an alternative to funding MADD's self-perpetuating existence. The Victim Impact Speakers at or (217) 546-4922 have let California DUI attorneys know that they offer Victim Impact Panels for a reasonable fee of $49.

This alternative is especially for folks on DUI probation who have to travel long distances to attend a MADD meeting, are out-of-state, or are running out of time to attend the MADD meeting ordered by a California DUI court, lawyers emphasize.

Victim Impact Speakers provides an online seventy-eight VIP panel session which has five experienced speakers.

Proof of attendance is provided to the person on California DUI probation taking the online VIP session and proof is faxed to the destination (e.g. probation department) of the person's choice in order to assure timely compliance.

California DUI lawyers may have to get court permission or assessment unit authorization in certain cases.

This non-profit organization also provides on-site victim impact panels in cooperation with state prosecuting attorneys and probation departments throughout the United States.