Tuesday, May 7, 2013

San Diego "sex for no DUI" cop in prison for 9 years cheated on his exams at the police academy to become a San Diego California DUI cop, attorneys discover

To get out of a San Diego California DUI, what would you do, attorneys ask?  You don't want a California DUI, "what can you do for me?" asked convicted San Diego DUI officer A. Arevalos over the years.

Here's what the San Diego "sex for no DUI" cop in prison for 9 years did to become a San Diego California DUI police officer - he cheated on his exams at the police academy, lawyers learned today.

So trading sexual favors for no DUI was the ultimate step for this San Diego California cop.

A former San Diego cop & police academy colleague F. Torres said at his deposition that Arevalos bragged that he had all the answers because he had somebody connected to him from the San Diego Police Department that gave him all the test answers.  His San Diego PD connections covered for Arevalos throughout his career as he sexually assaulted women.  "They just turned the other cheek and walked away from it.  That's the way the police culture is.  If I didn't see it, it didn't happen." Torres says he tried to avoid going to calls involving Arevalos because you knew it was to go "sideways."

Over a dozen years ago, when Torres worked with Arevalos, he saw him take Polaroids as a mentally ill woman performed sex acts.  When he arrived, the femaile was in the back of the patrol car naked with her handcuffs in front of her and she had the baton.  He reported it to his supervisors at SDPD, one of whom is a Sgt. and the other the head of the SDPD criminal "intelligence" unit.  Both were big party buddies of the bad cop.

In the criminal case, the judge would not allow Torres' testimony because it would be too prejudicial.  The same attorneys claimed Torres had the credibility to hurt the defendant's case.

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