Sunday, June 30, 2013

34 San Diego DUI arrests at downtown & Pacific Beach DUI Checkpoints, announce California DUI attorneys.

San Diego County DUI Law Center continues to update locations of California drunk driving checkpoint locations in San Diego as the 4th of July looms, say California DUI lawyers.  The latest California DUI roadblocks are East Village (downtown San Diego) and Pacific Beach (northern San Diego) this past weekend, note DUI attorneys in California.

1400 G Street and 2400 Grand Avenue in San Diego and Pacific Beach, California, are the locations of the California DUI checkpoints last night, from 11 pm to 3:00 a.m. Sunday.

Nearly 2,000 cars, trucks and motorcycles were trapped going through the downtown East Village San Diego California DUI checkpoints.  Over 550 drivers faced California DUI screening while over 30 went through field sobriety testing by San Diego DUI cops.  19 San Diego California arrests were made, say California DUI lawyers.

Over 1,100 drivers were not allowed to get out of Pacific Beach without going through that San Diego DUI roadblock, causing over 640 screenings, over 30 field sobriety testings and 15 San Diego California DUI arrests, California DUI attorneys report.