Monday, June 10, 2013

Driving while black swimmer busted for bad DUI - red eyes caused by swimming California drunk driving attorneys share

Black Swimmer who works out at LA Fitness at night threatens to sue Surprise Arizona Police Department for D-W-B (Driving while black), constantly stopping and harassing him, California DUI lawyers are told.   Because he swims late causing bloodshot or red eyes, the DUI police mistakenly assumed he was drunk, say California DUI attorneys.

Sixty-four year old retired firefighter Jessie Thornton adjusted his scheduled because his wife works long shifts.  He's been pulled over ten times and given 4 tickets.  He crossed a white line in his lane so cops stopped him again and accused him of being DUI because of his eyes.  When he tried to tell the cop he was not drunk - that he instead just left the gym pool - he had to do DUI field tests with bad knees and a bad hip.

One DUI cop shined a light in his eye and said sorry, asking the other DUI cop if he was doing it right.  When arrested, he blew .000% on the breath test gadget.  So the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) was called in, concluding no impairment.  A blood test showed no drugs.  But his vehicle was impounded and the Motor Vehicle Department was informed of the DUI.